NYT's Krugman: Slamming the Fantasy World of Glenn Beck

For others who missed Paul Krugman column from last Thursday’s New York Times, it’s worth a look. Krugman nails the Fox fantasist Glenn Beck for quoting reports that he can’t produce. Krugman says:

“Thus, last week Glenn Beck — who seems to be challenging Rush Limbaugh for the role of de facto leader of the G.O.P. — informed his audience of a “buried” Obama administration study showing that Waxman-Markey would actually cost the average family $1,787 per year. Needless to say, no such study exists.”

You really have to wonder who’s inspiring Beck to make this stuff up.


except of course at his house. while looking at an aerial view of krugman’s home it is hard to determine which is the pool house and which
is his home. both are monumental. who knows how many acres? ( i am sure it is less than maurice strong’s little plot out west)

“Waxman-Markey act, which if it becomes law would eventually lead to sharp reductions in greenhouse gas”….eventually, hah. Krugman and the New York Times…add a little michael mann and peter jackson could have another sci-fi hit.

the people that run this blog are pretty stupid. Paul Krugman was a lobbyist for Enron, who was a huge investor in carbon credits. If this website is trying to find balanced sources they really blew it on this one.

Poor Glenn Beck can’t get a break. The key to understanding Beck is that he is newsy entertainment. He’s not quite a Colbert or a Jon Stewart, but people sometimes take those guys seriously too. He’s a cartoon, and like cartoons, he can be silly and sometimes he can make people think about big issues.

“Poor Glenn Beck”? The guy’s frigging loaded! He deserves all the criticism he gets, especially when calling President Obama “racist” and saying he “hates everything about white people”. For Pete’s sake, Obama’s mother was white and Obama was raised by his white grandparents while his mother was in Indonesia!

Anyone who supports Glenn Beck is loopy.

well sure - you have to be a little loopy to support Beck … but to sit and listen to Jeremiah Wright preach black victim-hood for 20 years and to name him as your mentor and then just show him the door when he is exposed as a mean spirited racialist - that is not a big plus either.

Obama is not a racist but if he believed half the stuff he heard coming out of Wrights mouth, he would have to be a seriously indentured racialist.

But no, he just used Wright to get ahead so I wouldnt even seriously call him a racialist. He just climbs the ladder using whoever is convenient. Thats what I would call the audacity of his personal hope.

How could Obama even be a racialist when he’s bi-racial? He loves his white family. He loves his black family.

Also, have you even listened to entire sermons of Rev. Wright’s? I have listened to one full sermon and very little of it actually berates white America for the sins of the past. It is largely typical of the Black Church which preaches liberation theology and personal responsibility.

Sure, some of the excerpts of some of his sermons are ridiculous. However, that may be in only 1% or so of the speeches he’s made, and Obama’s called Rev. Wright to task for them. You cannot honestly criticize Obama for the sins of his preacher.

Yeah Beck can’t call Obama a racist but when Joe Wilson calls the Bamster a liar hes a racist. I think Joe Wilson was a jerk for saying that but it does not make him a racist. How many people called Bush a liar and how many of them were called racists?

None of them called Bush a liar to his face. The guy who threw a shoe at him was jailed but is now free and a local hero.

Bush was called a liar plenty of times and there is a video where someone shouts liar. Regarding the clown who threw a shoe at Bush, the irony there is that if he woulda thrown a shoe at Saddam…curtains!