Obama eyes Gore for a major climate-change post

Barack Obama has told a town hall meeting in Pennsylvania he would select Al Gore to play a major role in an Obama administration.

Using his strongest language yet about his intention to arrest climate change, the Illinois senator told a woman he would tap Gore for cabinet – or even higher office.

“I would,” he said. “Not only will I, but I will make a commitment that Al Gore will be at the table and play a central part in us figuring out how we can solve this problem. He’s somebody I talk to on a regular basis. I’m already consulting with him in terms of these issues, but climate change is real. It is something we have to deal with now, not 10 years from now, not 20 years from now.”

The only position higher than cabinet is vice president, a post Gore held for eight years in the Clinton Administration, and there’s no indication he would want it again.

And although Obama hinted at the possibility, he is in no firm position to discuss potential cabinet or vice presidents as he still has to win the nomination.

But both Obama and Clinton covet the support of Gore, who since leaving the White House in 2000 has gone on to become one of the world’s leading voices for climate-change action.


I’m starting to sort-of see him as possibly an almost president.

Considering Obama’s pastor is Jeremiah Wright, having Al Gore in a cabinet position should be just perfect.

I suppose it was inevitable. Obama funded by drug companies linking up with Gore who has tapped his pocket into climate science. This will inevitably lead to politicians making decisions to benfit their industries under the pretence to benefit humanity when in fact it will lead to waisting wealth funneled into select industries that will reduce peoples standards of living and make the country poorer. A sad day for a politics.

The Green Industry ‘s doomed to crash,
Yet Gore ‘ll earn lots of shiny cash,
And poor people will suffer as
The Bangladeshi floods his ass;

It ‘s not our fault, this “warming” stuff –
It ‘s the sun, or cows, or librul puff;
And even if we caused it, it ‘s
Not good to fix it now –

There ‘s no warming,
There ‘s no warming,
It ‘s just a Terrist Worldwide

There ‘s no warming,
There ‘s no warming;
For polar bears adapt
And so will we…

(verse by yours truly)

Frank Bi, http://tinyurl.com/yrpnmd
“Al `Fat Al’ Gore [is fat]” – Harold Pierce

Frank Bi, nice poem and at least I can agree with the repeated ‘there’s no warming’ lines which is the first thing I’ve agreed with about your postings as they have some science fact to support them. Taking the emotional route gets you no closer to truth however.

Even the polar bears are absolutely fine. They’ve never been better since mans hunting has been curbed and the from memory I believe the populations more than doubled since to over 22,000. There’s about 20 distinct groups and according to the World Wild Life Fund 2 populations are rising, 2 declining and all the others are stable.

You’re poems also right about the sun driving Earths temperature. How could anyone think possibly otherwise when you see a desert go from +38 in the day to -6 at night! It drives temperature like nothing else known to man despite a few men trying to reinvent the wheel in the name of ‘humanity’ with CO2. Sun v CO2. No contest. It was doomed to fail. A boxing contest between a 6 trillion ton raging bull against a 22lb lightweight with little puff.

This years been the coldest in a century for China, the first snow in Iraq in all recorded history, record colds in Mexico, Argentine, Chile etc etc with America having the heaviest snowfall in 50yrs and even Europes Alps enjoyed snow a month earlier this winter. All while CO2 levels are at their highest for 1,000’s of years. Must have been enjoying the snow and forgot to drive the temperature up?!!

Just a bit cold around here for you global wamers?

First snow in Iraq in all recorded history?
It snows every winter in Iraq.
Very rarely in Baghdad (last time about 100 years ago), but it has happened.

Tom, when did it last snow in Bagdad then.. can you give me a date?

You ok with the other coldest news stories or you just disputing the 1 ?

Do you know how we get so cold worldwide when CO2 levels are at their highest for 1,000’s of years?

How about January 1909?
So cold worldwide?
How about record warmth in Northern Europe?
Cold in the US? Average winter in temperature, 18th wettest in the 1895-2008 record. Only 2 cities had record snowfall according to the NCDC: Concord NH and Burlington VT. There is a bonus 150% snowpack in the western mountains which should help spring runoff.

Help yourself….

They are indeed having a bad winter with average temperatures the lowest since 1986-87 according to the China Meteorological Administration as of February 18, 2008.
That’s 21 years ago, not 100.