OMG! Thanks for the Add!

We're a little embarrassed about it, but we've got ourselves a MySpace page. What can I tell you? All the kids are doing it. In the 21st century, one's value to the world is apparently judged by the number of MySpace 'friends' one has.

At the moment, we've got four.

But we just started the page. That's our excuse, and we're sticking to it. That said, if you're a MySpace user, please add us as your friend.


So I did some digging and DeSmogBlog has really lame friends.

One is Darren who wrote the post. Really Lame
One is a The Global Warming Tour. Cool, Global Warming, neato.
One guy is James and who knows who he is.
And the final friend works for MySpace, how lame is that.

Conclusion… The 4 friends is really really inflated. I would give you guys a more accurate total of .78 friends but then again you Global Warming people are always inflating things… was that a 25 metre sea level rise or just 1 metre?

4 friends or just 0.78 friends.

The real question is can you really trust people that only have 0.78 friends?

Thanks for the analysis Andrew, we've now had our myspace account for less than a day. A sincere apology (dripping in sarcasm) from us “global warming people.”

I thought I would point out that my first post was also dripping in sarcasm. Lots of it.

Wouldn’t you have to announce a page’s existence, before it can get many friends?

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I’m afraid that I’m not really in the MySpace target demographic so I don’t have a MySpace page. But welcome to the Blog, Darren. Fancy seeing you here. I’m a long time reader.

Um, Andrew. About the level of sea level rise: there’s some debate over how much sea level rise is going to happen, but even one meter wouldn’t be good. This is from the “Global Warming People” over at National Geographic:

While scientists debate about how much sea level rise we’re going to see, there’s no debate that climate change is happening. If you’ve heard any of the urban myths circulating around saying the opposite, check out Grist Magazine’s Skeptic’s Guide. Chances are it addresses whatever you’ve heard, and it links to all the best sources of info on the subject:


Before you get too worked up I wanted to point you in the direction of a good source of information on sarcasm.

I find it rather amusing that my post can be taken so seriously and even after I said that it was full of sarcasm.

Are the climate skeptics you know so lame that they would really say that your view should not be taken seriously because you only have 0.78 friends on MySpace? Further should this kind of critic, a lack of MySpace friends, really to be taken so seriously?

The climate might be warming but not everything is so serious.

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