Online poll: vote for your favorite part of the Jones interview with Martin "Swindle" Durkin

Vote now on your favorite quote from the absolutely brilliant ABC Australia Tony Jones interview of “Great Global Warming Swindle” director, Martin Durkin.

I know, there's so many to choose from. I've picked five, and gave them each a descriptive title. See below the poll for details.

polls What is your favorite part of the ABC Interview “Swindle” filmmaker Martin Durkin?
Everyone is Wrong but Durkin
Climate Scientist Don’t Understand Even the Basics
Dude What’s Up With Your Graph?
Oh, I Forgot My Graph Was 25 Years Old!
No Flaws, No Flaws, No Flaws

1. Everyone is Wrong but Durkin

Jones: “So the US government, the British government, the governments of Canada and Australia, most of the EU governments and the scientific advisors. They're all just wrong and in the thrawl of some kind of swindle. Is that right?

Durkin: “Yes”

2. Climate Scientist Don't Understand Even the Basics

Durkin: “Some of the most basic bits of evidence that you would look to establish the truth of man-made global warming are simply not there.”

3. Dude, What's Up With Your Graph?

Jones: “I have a very simple question about your use of this [temperature] graph, because it's says it's a chart of the temperature over 1,000 years right up to now. Now to me means 2007, but in fact this graph doesn't go anywhere near 2007, does it?

4. Oh, I Forgot My Graph Was 25 Years Old!

Jones: “Why didn't you just continue that graph [solar activity and temperature] on to the present day? Because there are graphs available which do that.”

Durkin: “Well first, the graph we were using was created by Professor Friiss-Christensen from the Danish Space Agency, so..”

Jones: “What year?”

Durkin: “I can't remember of the top of my head.”

Jones: “25 years ago.”

5. No Flaws, No Flaws, No Flaws

Jones: “Martin Durkin we thank you for agreeing to go under the microscope and talk about pros and cons of this documentary and flaws and try and explain them.”

Durkin: “No flaws, no flaws, no flaws.”


The biggest shock to me is that the appallingly bad science behind the anthropogenic global warming theory has accomplished so much. It’s so obviously motivated by political interests in the Leftist community, and has such glaring holes in it (for instance, why an input of less that 5% of the CO2 in the atmosphere, CO2 being only responsible for 5% of the global warming effect of our atmosphere, will incontrovertably lead to global warming), that I don’t see why the scientific community would tolerate these glaring inaccuracies for so long.

I suppose this sort of thing might have something to do with it:

Speaking of bad science and worse politics, your link to a Heartland Institute article is a good example. Here’s a better link about some glaciers.