Ottawa Drifting Toward Anti-Kyoto Group

It is, woefully, no surprise whatsoever that Canada's Conservative government is considering joining the Asia Pacific Partnership on Clean Development and Climate. As the Globe and Mail reported today, anti-Environment Minister Rona Ambrose is cuddling up to the U.S. policy position, saying “I've been looking at the Asia-Pacific Partnership for a number of months now because the key principles around the Asia Pacific Partnership are very much in line with where our government wants to go.”

The “key principles” of the group currently known as the APP or the AP6 (U.S., Japan, China, India, South Korea, Australia) are that nothing that the group does is enforceable and no pesky environmental organizations are allowed to participate at the APP meetings (although any high-polluting industry representative is welcomed warmly). It's ExxonMobile's favourite climate change organization.

Ambrose went on to say that the joining the AP6 would “allow Canada to look at investments in cleaner technology here at home” - as if failing to join this gang of miscreants would somehow prevent the Tories from spending a penny on clean energy research.

So far, the Tories have promised to stay within the Kyoto Protocol group, but abrogate entirely Canada's commitments under that protocol. As good as their word, they immediately withdrew funding for a host of climate change intiatives. Now Ambrose is promising to “out-perform the United States.”

It's humiliating - and an eloquent condemnation of Jean Chretien and Paul Martin's Liberals- that we are currently doing worse than the U.S. – which otherwise vies only with Australia as the world's worst per capita contributor to climate change. But it's terrifying to think that a federal minister would suggest that's a worthy standard.


I think it is absolutely appalling what the Tories have done to hobble environmental organizations.  Rona Ambrose said something today, “In order to meet Kyoto, Canada would have to take every car, train and bus off the road,”  and then pricelessly–“It’s not realistic.”  Obviously this would be unrealistic.  But this is a case of creating an absurd situation just to fit an absurd argument.  I could smell a mile away before the elections the noises Steven Harper kept making about the ‘made-in-Canada’ solution meant ignoring Kyoto and Ms. Ambrose is faithfully toeing the party line.  If Portland has already managed to reach 1990 levels this year and is going further, how is it that a whole government can be so irresponsible and unimaginitive to insist that this is impossible for Canada to do the same thing?