Outrage in the Climate Science Community Continues Over the "500 Scientist" List

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Earlier today we broke the story about dozens of scientists outraged at the use of their good names in an article by Heartland Institute's “Senior Fellow” Dennis Avery (pictured above) posted on their website entitled 500 Scientists with Documented Doubts of Man-Made Global Warming Scares.

The article is written by Dennis Avery, a “Senior Fellow” at the Heartland Institute. The article which was first published by another think tank called the Hudson Institute, where Avery is also listed as a “Senior Fellow,” has bounced around the internet as proof that there is great doubts about the realities of human-caused global warming.

The letters are pouring in from angry scientists, with over 45 scientists now demanding that there names be stricken from the list, some are going much further and threatening legal action.

Here's some more quotes:

I am very shocked to see my name in the list of “500 Scientists with Documented Doubts of Man-Made Global Warming Scares”. Because none of my research publications has ever indicated that the global warming is not as a consequence of anthropogenic greenhouse gases, I view that the inclusion of my name in such list without my permission or consensus has damaged my professional reputation as an atmospheric scientist.”

Dr. Ming Cai, Associate Professor, Department of Meteorology, Florida State University.

Just because you document natural climate variability doesn't mean anthropogenic global warming is not a threat. In fact I would venture that most on that list believe a natural cycle and anthropogenic change combined represent a greater threat.”

Peter F. Almasi, PhD Candidate in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Columbia University

Why can't people spend their time trying to identify and evaluate the facts concerning climate change rather than trying to obscure them?”

Dr. James P. Berry, Senior Scientist, Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute

They have taken our ice core research in Wyoming and twisted it to meet their own agenda. This is not science.”

Dr. Paul F. Schuster, Hydrologist, US Geological Survey

Please remove my name IMMEDIATELY from the following article and from the list which misrepresents my research.”

Dr. Mary Alice Coffroth, Department of Geology, State University of New York at Buffalo

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And comedic gold deserves to be preserved for all time, so here are WebCite archives for the abstract and the list proper:


http://frankbi.wordpress.com/ International Journal of Inactivism
“Al `Fat Al’ Gore [is fat]” – Harold Pierce

You’d think such a good looking guy as Frank Avery could find a real job. How can these people look at themselves in the mirror? Literally?

as someone without gorgeous genes, i resent that remark about the looks of frank avery. i mean, i wouldn’t want to have to look at him while i’m eating breakfast, but please, enough with your prejudicial gene-ism ! the problem with avery is the high likelihood of bad connections between his neurons, forming demonstrably wrong ideas.

…and i mean, just one look at him reveals he has very bad ideas about what constitutes acceptable facial hair arrangements. if he can get his science as out-of-date as his beard, then he just cannot be trusted !

Check out:
“Hundreds More Scientists Acknowledge Natural 1,500-Year Climate Cycle”
i.e., support Singer/Avery book…
and it points at: http://www.heartland.org/Article.cfm?artId=23085
“Research of Hundreds More Scientists Shows the Natural 1,500-Year Climate Cycle”.

I’m no lawyer but boy I’d be asking all my fellow colleagues whether there is any basis for legal action. Mr Avery and his ilk need to be cut off where it hurts.

On the other hand, perhaps Keith Olberman will identify Mr. Avery as his worst person in the world.

Interesting that posts are being censored now.

Last desperate move by a dying AGW scam?

Sounds a lot like the complaints from scientists that had to fight to get their names removed from the IPCC fantacy papers.

Amazing what having your funding threatened will do to your stand on a good scam.

Follow the money.

Troll, still trying to detect Bolshevist plots using Bible Code methodologies?

http://frankbi.wordpress.com/ International Journal of Inactivism
“Al `Fat Al’ Gore [is fat]” – Harold Pierce

Great article on the origins of global warming -

Keep the smoke bombs coming, Troll. They’re entertaining.

http://frankbi.wordpress.com/ International Journal of Inactivism
“Al `Fat Al’ Gore [is fat]” – Harold Pierce

Of course, Troll doesn’t inform people that 21st Century Science and Technology is the ‘scientific’ front of Lyndon LaRouche, the infamous conspiracy theorist and all-around nutter.

Troll, is the Queen of England the leader of an international drug cartel?

I just quickly scanned some of the authors from Germany from the list, and I’m pretty sure almost everyone doesn’t belong on the list.

Take Prof.
Stefan Rahmstorf – on his website he actually publishes essays bringing down “scepticsts” argumentation point for point.