Energy industry front group plans "teabagger" protest at Gore's event in Portland

I just got word that Americans for Prosperity (AFP) is planning on protesting a presentation Al Gore is making tomorrow night in Portland, Oregon.

Under the guise of the “teabagger movement” AFP will do what it does best, which is protesting clean energy and green jobs.

It’s hard to believe this is much of a grassroots “teabagger” movement when the organizers get so much money from the largest private energy company in the United States.

Below is everything you need to know about AFP and their president Tim Phillips that we’ve pulled from our research database.

All this will be passed on to the local Portland media to ensure that they include this important context in any reporting they do on this story. If you’re from Portland or know anyone from the area, please pass this around to local bloggers and media.


- Here’s a complete rundown of AFP’s funding.

- AFP is the third largest recipient of funding from the Koch Family Foundations, manged by Charles G. Koch who runs the largest privately owned energy company in the United States, Koch Industries.

- AFP has also received money in the past from Exxon Mobil, who has been notoriously bad when it comes to funding groups looking to delay the movement away from oil to green energy.

- Tim Phillips is the president of AFP and has been fueling the anti-clean energy movement by making outrageous puiblic statements like, a cap-and-trade program would increases taxes by $1.2 trillion.

- Tim Philips spearheaded a direct mail, coalition building campaign for George Bush’s campaign against John McCain in the 2000 primaries.

- Here’s a complete rundown of Tim Philips.


It is disappointing that you have chosen to make the false claim that ExxonMobil has funded the AFP.

For the record ExxonMobil has never funded the AFP. When ExxonMobil contributes to organizations in an effort to promote dialogue on significant domestic and foreign policy issues, we do so openly and transparently. In fact we publish this information annually on our web site at

If you take the time to visit the site you will find that we supported approximately 150 organizations in 2008 involved in a wide range of public policy research. These organizations include some of the finest academic institutions and Think Tanks in the world, including the Brookings Institution, the American Enterprise Institute, the Council on Foreign Relations, MIT, Stanford University and Columbia University.

Rob Young, ExxonMobil

The American Enterprise Institute; you mean this one?

This one here?

That’s not a think tank, it’s a belief tank.

looks like cherry picking vj. What about all the other organizations they are funding? Surely you can’t expect exxon to be completely selfless in who they fund.

I’d say give them a break.

That’s not cherry picking, that is pointing out that at least one of the groups they fund helps to spread denialist lies.

Exxon should give humanity a break.

They just happened to change their name. Exxon Mobil has donated $380,250 to “Citizens for a Sound Economy” since 1998. Citizens for a Sound Economy changed their name to “Americans for Prosperity” in 2003.

ExxonMobil denial of denial = Denial-squared

The whole point of a covert campaign is that it is carried-out in secret. Once such chicanery involved in a campaign is revealed, the efficacy evaporates.

Just imagine an astroturf campaign carried-out in public. The reason why these can work, subverting democracy provided secrecy is maintained. Otherwise it won’t work!

Did ExxonMobil publicly ask the infamously pro-ExxonMobil GW Bush administration for the removal of the head of the IPCC [Robert Watson], via open letter in the media, or did they do this in secret?
Answer: They did it in secret!

Page 52 of:
“Smoke, Mirrors & Hot Air” - How ExxonMobil Uses Big Tobacco’s Tactics
to Manufacture Uncertainty on Climate Science

Just spoke to Erin Burger at Repower America – they are moving their rally point to Pioneer Courthouse Square at 6:30 pm.

Exxon has performed a good service to the people of the world. We have received energy to power our lives in a timely and efficient manner. We certainly would not be where we are today without good stuarts like Exxon Mobile.

All the infrastructure from the well to the convininence store where I fill up my H2 in the morning is actually quite astounding as to it all evolved. In the future we will require more energy more good service out of Exxon Mobile.

I hope you continue to stimulate debate and public policy through support to local community groups and national think tanks. The contribution made to our public life is appreciated.

As well it may be time to get some better PR men on staff to communicate all the good works that Exxon performs. I would Suggest kevin Grandia, I’m sure if you offer him a couple of bucks extra he will move from the Desmog spin machine to a more reputable organization like Exxon in a heartbeat.

For one thing, it’s Exxon Mobil, no “e”, and the Stuarts were kings & queens of Scotland – I think you mean stewards, but in either case you are wrong. Remember the Exxon Valdez oil spill? And I think you owe Kevin an apology.