Press: The Skeptics Are In Retreat

With Democrats controlling the environmental agenda in Congress, a panel of international scientists saying there's a greater-than-90 percent chance that humans contribute to global warming, and former vice president Al Gore calling climate change a moral issue, many besieged global warming skeptics are starting to tone down their rhetoric.


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Do you realize Gelbspan’s post is a 100 percent palagarism from the Boston Globe? Gelbspan just took the first paragraph from a story by John Donnelly and pasted it on your blog. You should put quote marks around it and properly attribute it to Donnelly. That said, the news story didn’t deliver what Donnelly said it did. Although the first paragraph says “many besieged global warming skeptics are starting to tone down their rhetoric,” only one example of such is given in the story.

Well, a link to the story was embedded in the last phrase, which could be said to be the moral equivalent of quotation marks. Also note that two toned-down skeptics were listed, ExxonMobil and AEI, and the two of them cover a lot of ground. Also, possibly there was more such material prior to the editor getting it.

“Moral equivalent of quotation marks”? That’s a new one to me. Anyone reading here would naturally think Gelbspan wrote his own summary of an article published elsewhere. Even in the blogosphere it is improper to cut and paste someone else’s work and put one’s own name on it. The best that can be said is that it is misleading. I wonder if Gelbspan is posting under his name here. A youngster assigned by the PR agency that runs this blog to ghost post for Gelbspan might not be aware of journalistic standards for attribution which Gelbspan, a veteran journalist, would know very well. Gelbspan may be just be being paid for the use of his name, and maybe the occasional contribution. That said, I do not intend to beat a dead horse on the matter. Readers can make their own judgments regarding proper attribution, and whether the blog’s management should insist upon it. On your point about AEI, a comment. AEI has not toned down anything on climate change. “Rethinking a project”, in light of what was falsely alleged regarding the project (the details of which I suspect you know very well, so I won’t recount them), would hardly constitute “toning down rhetoric.” John Donnelly only had one example.

In reality when people plagiarize they want people to think they’ve written it. If Ross wanted to plagiarize the piece don’t you think he would have left the link out?

People are always looking for any pathetic minor niggling excuse to discredit Ross.