Public Service Canada "outraged" at government climate change cuts

While 10,000 EPA employees signed a petition demanding Congress address global warming – and the muzzling of government scientists, here in Canada the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada has followed up with their own climate change demands.

In a press release sent out today titled: “Government Cuts to Science Programs Show Lack of Vision,” Michele Demers, President of the PIPSC stated that she was “outraged” to learn that affected employees were being asked to help manage the fallout of this latest announcement by explaining why their positions should disappear. “To ask an employees who is being told their work will no longer be required on a program to 'spin' the fallout of these incensed decision (sic) is the ultimate insult,” said Demers.

According to a Nov. 24, '06 Globe and Mail story, “The Conservative government is planning a second wave of cuts to climate-change programs and is asking public servants to help manage the “fallout” by explaining why their positions should disappear.” Climate change program cuts will include 5 programs shut down completey at Agriculture Canada, with an overall budget cut of 50% to envrionmental programs within the department. Natural Resources Canada, which houses most of Canada's climate change programs, will see $43 million cut from their overall budget and the estimated culling of 400 full-time postitions.

This all coming at time when poll numbers are showing a steep rise in public concern about environmental issues, and specifically climate change.