Punters guessing about climate change

A UK bookmaker is offering odds of 25-1 that a great white shark will be caught off the UK next year - part of a new series of climate change related bets. Nothing scientific about any of this, but it's interesting to see that SOME people are prepared to put their money were their mouths are.


If you think about it, carbon trading is another way of people putting their money where their mouths are. Essentially, you’ll get a good reward on your money if we see stricter climate policies in the future. More than USD20 bn traded in 2006, Goldman Sachs putting up USD3 bn for future investments, and the list goes on…

Meanwhile almost all denialists are unwilling to put their money where their mouth is and take any bets about the climate, which they know they would lose and which would cause them to be subjected to adverse publicity on account of actually sticking their name on a prediction that we wouldn’t forget, as we do for most of the other tripe they usually spout.

There’s a roundup of bets and refused bets here

This includes the one proposed by Monbiot to Myron Ebell live on the radio, which he was unwilling to take.