Putting the Fun in Responsible Living

I can imagine a world in which urban design is so sensible and public transit so convenient that private automobiles become redundant. In the meantime, it's nice to think that we might still have cars that are fun to drive , even if they aren't based on gas guzzling vehicles of war.


As any good advertiser will show you, cars are indeed a lot of fun–about 1 percent of the time. Unfortuately, for that 1 percent we live the other 99 percent of our lives cutoff in dangerous, boring and ugly communities shaped by transportation engineering. The problem with cars is not limited to what leaves the tailpipe.

And you are, of course, right about the cars. But our auto addiction is both powerful and - as you say - ifrastructural. It might make sense to shift everybody to this kind of methadone substitute on the way to purity …