Queen not happy with Swindle film's distributor

RDF Television, the distributors of Martin Durkin's “Great Global Warming Swindle” have landed themselves in hot water over a documentary on the Queen.

BBC and ITV have suspended the commission of programs from RDF after it was revealed that a RDF documentary used misleading footage of the Queen storming out of a portrait sitting. RDF was forced to apologize to the BBC for the misleading footage, while the BBC chief executive was forced to apologize to the Queen. Ouch!

Seems it isn't just Durkin himself who has a penchant for misrepresentation. And to think people actually believe that Durkin's Swindle film should be aired in our schools.

Head of Friends of the Earth, Tony Juniper, has the scoop in the Guardian.

H/T to Sumptuous blog.


Your comment caused me to go read the Guardian article to investigate Kevin’s ‘spin’. He reports pretty much what Tony Juniper writes. To what spin are you referring?

Maybe you are trying to comment on the original article? Why don’t you rely on that old standby: “Ad hominem!” Juniper suggests that companies with a history of producing misleading docs should have a harder time getting funding for future projects. But we shouldn’t judge somebody’s arguments on the basis of anything but their arguments, should we? Well, actually we should, when they have a history of being dishonest in their arguments.

If I received the kind of attention anythink like what the BBC has received recently, I’d think twice about commissioning companies with a consistently questionnable track record.

The spin I was referring to was the headline, ‘Queen not happy’. In contrast to the Guardian’s ‘The Accuracy Imperative’, I find this headline focuses more on the human - albeit regal - story.

Your suggestion has been noted!