Reynald Du Berger

Reynald Du Berger


  • Bachelor of Geological Engineering, Laval University. [1]
  • Master's Degree in Geophysics, Laval University. [1]
  • P. Eng. [2]


Reynauld Du Berger is emeritus professor of geophysics at the University of Quebec at Chicoutimi. His background is in geological engineering and seismology. [3]

Du Berger's research interests while working at the University of Quebec were in the fields of applied seismology and ground water geophysics. [4]

He curretly runs the blog, Le Blogue de Reynald Du Berger which covers “climate, science, and society.” Du Berger is skeptical of climate change, and questions the validity of the IPCC[5]

Stance on Climate Change

Du Berger contends that global warming stopped fifteen years ago. [6]

Key Quotes

“I maintain my opinion on the oil sands. Environmental damage created by their operations are minor and insignificant compared to the benefits derived…” (Translated from the original with Google Translate). [7]

Key Deeds

March 14, 2012

Spoke at an event hosted by Équipe Autonomiste (“Team Autonomist”), a group that some describe as the new center-right political party in Quebec.

Du Berger, described as a “fervant critic of the climate changes theory [sic],” delivered a short speech discussing what he believes is a lack of proper educaton regarding climate change. [8]

January, 2012

Du Berger presented his lecture, titled “Science du climat ou climatisme? Un doute qui dérange!” (Climate science or climatism? An Inconvenient doubt!) As part of a philosophy course at of a Quebec college. [9]

Du Berger was invited to repeat his presentation at a conference lunch, but was later rejected as a teacher contended his work would conflict with their course on Climate and Biodiversity.

After another of his presentations was cancelled, Du Berger's appeared on Mario Dumont's television talk show to discuss how this was an example of the supposed censure of climate change skeptics. 

Du Berger wrote an open letter to one of the Colleges who cancelled his climate change talks.

An excerpt (translated from Berger's blog):

“I wish to expose your students and your teachers to these facts, observations and many others, tell them about the methods used by the IPCC's climate models to build, draw their attention to the weaknesses and shortcomings of models GCM thus generated, to explain the complexity of climate phenomena and the impossibility at the present state of our knowledge, to extract convincing evidence of any significant human influence through all the natural causes which govern the evolution of Earth's climate. You deny me this privilege and I regret it.” [10]

January 4, 2012

Du Berger appears to be behind a petition against the Kyoto Protocol. In four months the petition appears to have received five signatures.


Based on comments at his blog, and elsewhere, Du Berger appears to be Pro- Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracking).

He has written about his frustration with environmental studies required before developing new shale deposits. [11]

October 23, 2010

Reynald Du Berger was a guest (PDF) at one of the first conferences hosted by Freedom-Quebec Network (Réseau Liberté-Québec or RLQ). [1]

He co-hosted the workshop on climate-skepticism with Jacques Brassard who contends that the event will “provide a forum…perfect for holding an important speech that the media elite
traditional refuses to release” and which will “undermine theories of global warming and challenge the influence of environmental groups in Quebec” (Translated from the original with Google Translate).

RLQ has been described as “Quebec's Tea Party,” [12] and has received support from the Fraser Institute, which has in turn received funding from Koch Industries, ExxonMobil, and numerous tobacco companies. [13]

Ezra Levant, another guest of the RLQ, recently published Ethical Oil, a book on the supposed virtues of the Alberta tar sands.



A search of Google Scholar returns six results for Reynald Du Berger, all in the area of seismology. He does not appear to have published research in peer-reviewed journals on the subject of climate.


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