Rick Mercer's Hilarious Takedown of the "Radical Foreign Interests" Echo Chamber

This Rick Mercer video started making the rounds several days ago, but in case you missed it, it's a hilarious skewering of the “radical foreign interests” talking point that the 'ethical oil' crowd is trying to inject into the debate over the Enbridge Northern Gateway tar sands pipeline proposal. 



I can’t help thinking that Mercer has done more to set back the harpocrat/oiligarch propaganda campaign than any number of long critical well-researched pieces in the print and online media (and there have been quite a few of them).  And this is a man who “doesn’t even know what he thinks about the pipeline”.  Of course we need to get the facts out there as well to back up the satire, but let’s do it in a short, digestible form.  Most people will take no notice otherwise.

(This isn’t a criticism of the excellent coverage at desmogblog - just a reminder that the rest of us need to reach ordinary people who aren’t familiar with the issues.)

This argument seems to be neglect the fact that transnational companies play be a totally different set of rules than those that choose to debate them in the public arena.

Do Canadians understand the extent that transnationals already have a seat at the table in establishing public policy?

According to Wikipedia:

“Imperial Oil Limited (French: Compagnie Pétrolière Impériale Limitée) is Canada’s largest petroleum company. The company is engaged in the exploration, production and sale of crude oil and natural gas. It is controlled by US basedExxonMobil, which owns 69.6% of its stock. Imperial owns 25% of Syncrude Canada Ltd., the world’s largest producer of synthetic crude oil from strip mining of oil sands.”

I would guarantee you that the executives at the headquarters of ExxonMobil in Irving, Texas are active participants in the debate, albeit perhaps hiding behind Canadian proxies.