Robert (Bob) C. Shoup

Robert C. Shoup

Robert (Bob) C. Shoup


  • B.A. Geology, Winona State University (1978).
  • M.S. Geology, University of Oklahoma (1980).

Source: [1]


Bob Shoup is a Petroleum Geologist and consultant for the oil and gas industry. Shoup worked for Shell Oil for over eighteen years, and has discovered or helped to discover more than 100 million barrels equivalent (MMBeq) over his career. [2]

Shoup has written numerous newspaper pieces and opinion articles skeptical of man-made global warming science. One of his publications was mentioned in a collection of evidence presented by Senator James Inhofe suggesting flaws in mainstream global warming science. [3]

According to his profile (.doc) in a speech he made to the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) he worked as Senior Geologist consulting for PTT Exploration and Production (PTTEP) in Bangkok while managing his own consulting company. [4]

Shoup now works in Houston with Samson Offshore where he oversees all Gulf of Mexico oil exploration. [1]

Stance on Climate Change

“The hypothesis of Anthropogenic Global Warming does not yet meet the basic scientific standards of proof needed to be accepted as a viable hypothesis, much less as accepted fact…” [5]

Key Quotes

“Global warming was never about the science, it was about money and power. There are several different agendas in play; world governance and wealth redistribution, population control, and, of course, money.” [6] 

“When a climate scientist calls me a denier, or a columnist from the New York Times or the Washington Post calls me a racist, I can wear the terms with pride. Not because I am a denier or a racist, but because I know that for those individuals, calling me a name is a sign of how desperate they are.” [7]

Key Deeds 

July 24, 2008

Attended the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) meeting where he presented on “The Science behind Global Warming” (.doc). [4]

Summer 2007

The U.S. Senate Committee on Environment & Public Works quoted Shoup's article, titled “Science Under Attack,” and said that it had “debunked global warming fears.” One version (PDF) of the Committee Report describes Shoup's article as a “scientific study.” [8]

The Senate Committee describes the article as appearing in an “American Association of Petroleum Geologists Publication.” After extensive searching, no scientific studies titled “Science Under Attack” appear to have been written by Robert Shoup in that journal.

However, there does appear to be a newsletter section titled “Science Under Attack” written by Shoup for The Correlator—a small newsletter of the AAPG's Division of Professional Affairs (DPA). Shoup is listed as the Chair of Publications for DPA as well as the editor of The Correlator (PDF). [9], [10]

The report itself appears to be unavailable. According to Shoup, “Due to the controversy surrounding Global Warming, The Correlator was moved to the Members Only Section of the AAPG Web Site.” [11]


  • Shell Oil — Past Shell Offshore Team Leader. 

Sources: [1], [4]

* The AAPG has questioned the science behind human caused climate change and their statement on climate change is noncommittal: 

“In recent decades global temperatures have risen. Yet, our planet has been far warmer and cooler than today many times in the geologic past, including the past 10,000 years.” [12]


Robert Shoup has not published any peer-reviewed articles on the subject of climate change. Shoup has conducted studies for the purposes of oil and gas exploration. 

Shoup regularly publishes skeptical science articles at Canada Free Press. He is also editor of  the “Science Under Attack” section of The Correlator, a newsletter of the AAPG available only to members.


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