Ross Gelbspan on Australia's Lateline

Here is a video clip of DeSmogBlog's very own Ross Gelbspan speaking recently with Tony Jones of ABC Australia's Lateline news show (kind of the 60 Minutes of Australia).

Here is the realplayer version.
Here is the windows media player version.


His rebuttals against the potential economic implications were both clever and realistic.

Do you talk to Ross Gelbspan directly?  You need to get him to stop talking about hydrogen. 

Ulf Bossel of the EFCF says “The hydrogen economy is a structure of mind, which has no backing by physics.”  Many people think hydrogen is just to keep the status quo.  I tend to agree with them.  Solid state batteries and super caps are the best technology.  Better than gasoline even.  Check out my technology website.

#1 Solid State Batteries

#2 Ultra-Capacitor Battery

I disagree with him on several other points but I’ll save that conversation until after I finish my next article: Oil, Capitalism, and the White Knight.


btw, I just want to say that he is 1,000 times better than the average reporter.  He really is doing a great job.  It’s only a few of his solutions that I disagree with.

Really great interview. I used to watch that show when I lived in Australia. In fact, I used to live in the city they mentioned, Cairns. Not too many people mention Australia when it comes to politics, but they are just as bad as the US. They join illegal wars, have horrific enviromental policies, an american style health care system, very tight immigration policies including “detainanee camps”, which I prefer to call “concentration camps”, for landed immigrants and refugees, and disgusting treatment of their indigineous people. Heck, they even kill and eat their national emblem. I became very anti-australian while living there but unfortunately, much of the blame is on government. THe people as a whole are nature loving, kind and generous but oblivious to politics and government. Them having mandatory voting doesn’t help matters either.

Anyway, as far as the interview goes, awesome job by Mr. Gelbspan. He really spoke his mind and I like how he said he got into all this as an investigative reporter instead of an environmentalist because, although it saddens me to say this, he will be taken more seriously. His rebuttals against the potential economic implications were both clever and realistic. Although, I’ve been saying it for awhile, that to stop this thing, we are all gonna have to take a bit of a hit both financially and in our lifestyles. I’m certainly willing to take that hit and I don’t think it will be too much longer before the majority of people say the same thing.

He mentioned even if we stop driving & turn out the lights it won’t solve our problem.  Where did he get that info?