Rush Limbaugh the Republican Global Warming Mouthpiece

The mass amounts of hot air spewed forth daily by self righteous right-wing radio host Rush Limbaugh are probably a significant contribution to the warming of our planet. Someone should do a study to confirm this.

What’s less doubtful is the effect Limbaugh’s blustering babble has had on Republican lawmakers who continue to ignore the mountains of scientific evidence telling us that we need to deal with the issue of global warming.

Here’s a typical Limbaugh global warming quote:

“Despite the hysterics of a few pseudo-scientists, there is no reason to believe in global warming.”

Many on the right in Washington regard Limbaugh as a hero. In fact, the rumor on Capitol Hill is that Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) has a Limbaugh poster stapled to the ceiling over his bed, so he can wake up to his “glorious leader” every morning. But that’ just a rumor.

The League of Conservation Voters (LCV) has launched a campaign today urging Republican leaders to stop parroting Limbaugh and start listening to their reasonable colleagues like Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Florida Governor Charlie Crist, who are both taking action in their respective States.

So take a moment, sign the petition here and enjoy the short video the LCV has produced to go along with their campaign:


I’m surprised this video isn’t more popular, it was absolutely hilarious. Although, I hate Rush, so I’m all for it. So completely dead on, good post fellas.

- Julie Stevenson

We could hardly do better than to have Rush lead the GOP. The party of true freedom, the party of Abraham Lincoln, has been pummeled and overtaken by those who believe their socio-political view is more important than science and other facts. For example, the view that the war on drugs is a help. Or that demanding abstinance prevents teen pregnancy. Or that more prisons will solve the crime problem. Or what’s good for carbon is good for the planet. Then Rush will finish the job that Dick Cheney and his purse puppy GWB so effectively began…. nailing down the lid on the NeoCon coffin. Go get ‘em Rush.  You may be just the lardass big mouth we need right now.

John, what do you suggest instead of the so-called “war on drugs”? Do we capitulate and change the laws to satisfy the violent sociopaths running the drug trade? Legalize drugs and these violent no-gooders will go into kidnapping and other criminal pursuits. What then, legalize kidnapping?

For the record, abstinence does prevent pregnancy. 100% effective. We have witnessed a mass increase in single motherhood and poverty and live with huge rates of abortion. Hardly a success story.

As for Rush, he is the Michael Moore of the right … both are entertainers and not to be taken terribly seriously.

“We have witnessed a mass increase in single motherhood and poverty and live with huge rates of abortion.”  False; not in Canada.

Sure we have VJ. Single motherhood has risen greatly in Canada in the last several decades and single mothers are often lower on the economic ladder.

My point is not to highlight single mothers but to mention that being against abstinence does not magically end all the issues surrounding parenthood, poverty, etc.. Abortion rates run at about 100,000 annually in Canada which also indicates that sex education may not be the raging success it is made out to be.

Certainly global warming has received tremendous attention this decade, including with Al Gore’s Academy Award-winning documentary “An Inconvenient Truth.” It is not clear whether the troubled economy has drawn attention away from the global warming message or whether other factors are at work. It will be important to see whether the 2009 findings hold up in next year’s update of the annual environmental survey. ( Essay , Thesis and Dissertation Writing )

Totally agree with you. science and scientific approach above all

I like to focus on solutions instead of trying to prove the misinformed wrong. If we frame the positive possibilities as irresistibly preferable, we’ll make progress toward the sustainable future we need. See my blog about an innovative solar installation at the San Jose Independent School District.

Thank You for article.take care of yourself, and stay strong against what is ignorance in our society.That is why  is not that important if you look at how things happened everyday.

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Why do we all complain about global worming and stuff? Cause if there`s anything bad that`s gonna be happen, it will happen anyway and man can do nothing to stop it. Cause there`s a higher power controlling this universe. You should teach your children about that. My baby boy already knows it.

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