Schwarzenegger launches scathing attack against U.S. government for inaction on global warming

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger of California and fellow Republican Gov. Jodi Rell of Connecticut say it’s bad enough the federal government hasn’t taken global-warming threats seriously, but “it borders on malfeasance” to block efforts by their states and 10 others to limit the greenhouse-gas emissions that contribute to climate change.

In an article in the Washington Post, the governors also criticized President George W. Bush for an executive order issued last week giving federal agencies until the end of 2008 - near the end of Bush's term - to continue studying what to do about greenhouse gas emissions.

Twelve states have approved tougher standards than those imposed by the federal government to limit carbon emissions. But states can't put the new standards into practice without a waiver from the Environmental Protection Agency, which has not yet granted one, 16 months after California first requested it.

“California, Connecticut and a host of like-minded states are proving that you can protect the environment and the economy simultaneously,” Rell and Schwarzenegger wrote. “It's high time the federal government becomes our partner or gets out of the way.”


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