Scientists Publicly Denounce Latest White House Climate Change Muzzling

Today, scientists are publicly denouncing the White House for the “censoring of science,” after it was uncovered earlier this week that significant edits were made to testimony prepared for a Senate hearing on the impact of climate change on health.

White House officials deleted key portions citing diseases that could flourish in a warmer climate.

“Dr. Gerberding is the lead of the premiere public health agency in the U.S.,” said Kim Knowlton, a science fellow on global warming and health at the National Resources Defense Council in New York. “It's shocking that she was not allowed to say in a public discussion some of these vital details.

“One has to wonder why was this is so threatening to the White House.”

All this, sadly, is not a surprising news item. When it comes to the science of climate change, the Bush Administration has a long history of “selective interpretation.”

Here's some links to a few examples:

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