Shell CEO: debate is over, get on with action!

At a gathering in Dubai, Royal Duth PLC chief executive , Jeroen Van Der Veer, blasted the US government for not ratifying the Kyoto Accord and stated: “For us as a company, the debate over CO2 is over. We've entered a debate about what we can do about it.”

This echos similar statements by President of Shell Oil president John Hoffmeister.


Online commentary from G&M national politicalcolumnist Jeffrey Simpson on changing attitides in Alberta, regarding the lection of Stephane Dion as Liberal leader:

“Jeffrey Simpson: Darryl, a friend of mine in high business circles in Calgary recently discussed with me polling done for the petroleum industry.

To their surprise, the industry leaders found that Albertans are now AHEAD of other Canadians in their concern for the environment.

If I were Dion, I’d go to Alberta with a hard-core environment message backed by practical solutions to greenhouse gas emissions, of which there are many.

Why not? He’s got nothing to lose in Alberta and maybe something to gain. I have thought for many, many months that the federal Conservatives are misreading their own province on this issue. Albertans want to go further, faster than the federal Conservatives.”

I have seen polling and research that says the same thing about Albertans. Thanks for the link to the Simpson piece.