The Sky Is Falling! Climate Deniers Parachute Into COP17 In Durban

What’s that falling from the sky?  A bird?  A plane?   No!  

It’s just crazy climate denier Christopher “Lord” Monckton! Apparently trying to one-up himself after the “Hitler Youth” debacle in Copenhagen in 2009.

Monckton and his compatriots from the climate-denying, pollution-loving Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT) skydived onto the beaches of Durban yesterday in another failed attempt to flog the dead “Climategate 2.0” horse.  

The image of Monckton dropping from the sky, eyes closed, destined to decry his well-worn “U.N. world-domination conspiracy” is just priceless. Witness the great non-Lord's descent unto the masses, assisted by a hunky “paratrooper” to guide him to dry land since he couldn't bear to watch himself: 

The Deniers of Durban sure picked a plucky way to drop in on the city hosting the UNFCCC negotiations, although their message is still stale and baseless - it's really a shockingly desparate attempt to find a pulse for the completely lifeless and flailing “Climategate 2.0” corpse.
Demonstrating just how strained the effort was, Monckton couldn’t bear to open his enormous eyes on the way down, according to footage posted by CFACT to YouTube
Apparently undeterred by the amateurish antics of the CFACT contingent, U.S. Senator James Inhofe (R-Denial) supposedly arrived in Durban today to deliver some message of importance to the denier squad.   
CFACT said in its post-skydiving delerium:
“Secretary Figueras is telling the COP that she can obtain a new commitment period in Durban,”  said CFACT Executive Director Craig Rucker.  “After she hears what Senator Inhofe has to say, she may want to re-evaluate her wishful thinking.”
No word on whether Senator Inhofe will also parachute into Durban to join his denier dudes in action. Stay tuned for the details.
Somehow, we're guessing that he'll phone it in via videoconference, since no other U.S. Congress members are headed to Durban this year. If he does show up in person, Oklahoma taxpayers and the rest of us have to wonder how much tax money Inhofe is using to support his earth-defying stunt in South Africa. [Update: Inhofe did indeed video message from D.C., the Washington Post reports]
Speaking of wasted resources, here's Monckton just before the jump, doesn't he look thrilled to be there??!! 
Prediction: Expect many of the same lies and distortions that have marked the last two years of the “Climategate” nonscandal, in which climate scientists are dragged through the mud because their personal emails were illegally published to the world wide web, while the climate denialosphere clings to the vapid conspiratorial “Climategate” meme.
Despite the complete debunking of the original edition AND the “two year old turkey” reprise they tried to dub “Climategate 2.0,” climate deniers will surely continue this charade as long as a gullible media will repeat it. Stay tuned for the next nonscandal, timed to pester the next attempt to deal with the ever-increasing climate disaster we face.

Thumbs up for flying blind and pretending climate change doesn't exist! Way to go CFACT.
UPDATE: Maybe this is why Monckton had his eyes closed, check out this image of 2,000 Durban school children forming a lion's roar for climate action this morning on the same beach CFACT landed on yesterday. H/T TckTckTck for the news, image courtesy of Shayne Robinson for Greenpeace and SpectralQ:


“did somone say “send in the clowns” ?”

I believe he has the suit already picked out.

No one is more dissapointed than Monckton that the climate issue has vanished from the front pages. He’d love to see Obama and the rest of the world leaders parading in, getting their pictures taken, having oh so important closed door meetings about who gets to stand where in the official photo. He’d love to have that scene as the back drop for his holding forth on his issue of choice.

But this is no Copenhagen. Nobody is likely to pay the lord quite enough attention - thus the parachute. Expect to see a juggling act next.

The real story here is that Monckton is becoming the best friend the climate issue has. He gets people to sit up and take notice - if only for the briefest moment.

I wish I had an action figure of Lord Monkton, this guy is a superhero. Truth, Justice and the scientific method are his creed, debunking climate myths are his deeds.

Nader light on references to back up statements - as usual.

Monckton has been debunked so many times, how can you be so ignorant:







here - on DesmogBlog itself - if you bothered to look around instead of shooting from the hip.

Of course that is only a small representative proportion of the total Monkton De-Bumkum that could be presented.

Lord Monckton will be remembered as a hero someday, as someone who ‘faced the music’ as the likes of ‘Mann .et al’ slinked away in shame.

I hope all you guys that are voting down free speech here in the comment section plan on being here in the 10 or so years that it takes to finally kill CAGW for good.

He who laughs last, laughs best.

“I hope all you guys that are voting down free speech here in the comment section”

It’s not me Hank, it’s a real mystery. Maybe it’s a bug in the system? I’ve often wondered that myself. Why would deniers constantly vote me down when they are lovers of free speech? Oh well, cheer up. Look on the bright side, at least it’s not happening to the good guys.

“plan on being here in the 10 or so years that it takes to finally kill CAGW for good.”

CO2 will stop accumulating & we will reverse AGW in 10 years?! Woo hoo.

“He who laughs last, laughs best”

Or…maybe he laughs last because he just doesn’t get it. Just sayin. ;)


‘The real story here is that Monckton is becoming the best friend the climate issue has. He gets people to sit up and take notice - if only for the briefest moment.’

What, exactly do you mean by, ‘best friend the climate issue has’?

I think regular readers of your turgid tripe can guess as to which way you intend that to be interpreted but it is a tad ambiguous is it not.

If you think Monckton is a friend to climate denialists, in other words science denialists, then you could not be more wrong. Lord HawHaw’s (BTW HawHaw is often thought of as idiom to describe those who express vacuous thought with a plum in the mouth and not just a certain WW2 propagandist) stupid stunts only make him look ridiculous and you along with him.

What I mean is he’s giving the whole climate issue life support by drawing attention to it. It’s the “no such thing as bad publicity as long as they spell your name right” thing.

The climate issue needs someone to tell the world it still exists.

‘The climate issue needs someone to tell the world it still exists.’

You have overlooked a large factor here that is keeping it in peoples conciousness and even making those who were not sure certain that global warming is changing climate - the fact that big changes in climate are becoming obvious and that biological systems are responding to this.

Everybody except the ideologically blind or congenitally stupid that is, some of course tick both of those boxes. How many do you tick Rick?

Climate Science: we have only a few years left. We must step in and restructure the world economy and take carbon out of the equation or we will face climate calamity.

World: Yawn - give me more free healthcare and an iPad2 and a trip to Hawaii every year…and whatever you do don’t raise the price of my gasoline.

I’m not saying it’s right but I’m saying the world doesn’t care like you think it does.

(throwing around insults reduces you)

‘(throwing around insults reduces you)’

Only insults to those who think they fit those boxes so I guess your score is 1 or 2.

I am surprised that you don’t have the ability to detect that nuance so you sure have at least a 1 score.

Deeper and deeper down that hole you go.

Lionel. Wake up and smell the coffee dude! Why do you think each year’s climare summits are progressively less effective and more forgotten by the masses with Durban being almost forgotten completely by the MSM?

It’s over man, don’t you feel it?

“It’s over man, don’t you feel it?”

Make up your mind Hank. Is it over or is it going for another 10 years?

I wish the deniers who told me 8 years ago it was all over, go home, were around nearly a decade later, so I could ask them why it didn’t end? Unless we miraculously find a way of removing billions of tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere, there is pretty much no chance at all that people will just sit back & ignore the obvious impacts around them, when science has already let the cat out of the bag about what causes it.


It hasn’t even got really started yet - the roll back of anthropogenic climate change denial and of the cretins that spout it.

Remember, or perhaps learn, that people can only be fooled so far and if told to ‘eat cake’ will react.

It seems that inhabitants of that land south of the 49th have forgotten the origins of the symbol that stands on an island south of Manhattan.

Oh! And if you want to continue smelling coffee it would be a good idea for you to wake up as that commodity, and many others, could be in short supply before long.

The guy is a joke on all levels.

What kind of idiot would trust him?  And if so, which Monckton do you believe?

Yes the world is warming… The world is cooling…

Ice is in decline… There is no change in ice…

Glaciers aren’t melting… Yes they are…

Invents organizational support for his statements, which they refute…

Makes mistakes and doesn’t want to admit it.

He can’t even keep his own story straight.

Lord Monkton is as straight as an arrow, anyone can take out of context quotes and claims made by others in attempts to smear a world treasure like Lord Monkton. If we had 10,000+ of his e-mails to add context it might make a more compelling arguement.

“anyone can take out of context quotes and claims made by others in attempts to smear”

Would you like some irony with that dish sir?


Seriously…. Watch him debate and debunk himself. 

Here’s what he said;

What he said on tape, and what he said in his posts one after another.

He’s just a simple minded ‘tard depriving a villiage somewhere of its idiot.

Someone please tell Sacha Baron Cohen that his Lord Monckton character is starting to get a bit old. You can only milk it for so long. Time to move on.