Sophomoric Province Newspaper Looking for a Silver Lining

In the face of a chilling caution from the Forest Products Association of Canada (that the pine-beetle infestation currently ravaging British Columbia's our forests will be followed by further pestilences brought on by warmer weather), the sage editorial staffers at the Vancouver Province newspaper have bid us to “look at the bright side of global warming.”

What are we talking about here? Shorter walks to the beach? Cooler and more frequent hurricanes? Fewer pesky poor people in low-lying countries like Bangladesh?

Clearly, they're doing this to bait people (me, for instance); they think it's funny.
But what would happen in the (perhaps unlikely) event that someone was to pick up their paper and take them serously?


Reading this CanWest Global media opinion piece (in the Province) is both figuratively and literally a line from Monty Python. Indeed, let’s all sing “Look on the bright side of life”. Altogether now…How far can the dumbing down of society go???

Always look on the bright side of life…dah dumb… dah dumb de dumb de dumb… thought I would finish it up. The Province needs to grow up.