"The death of global warming" - spoof puts the fun back into lying about science

Hat's off (we think) to UK writer and consultant David Thorpe, the apparent creator for the impressive web-based spoof - a definitive bit of climate change denial as reported in The Journal of Geoclimatic Studies.

Although the “journal” lists two volumes and some very tempting content*, the only research paper on the website is titled: “Carbon dioxide production by benthic bacteria: the death of manmade global warming theory?” The paper reports that rising volumes of CO2 are actually caused “by saprotrophic eubacteria living in the sediments of the continental shelves fringing the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.”

Unfortunately, this wonderful news is attributed to a group of scientists who can't be found, working at a series of institutions or departments that don't exist.

For example, the JGS website is registered to Dr. Hiroko Takebe at Okinawa University's Climatological Department. Alas, there is no such thing as Okinawa University.

The lead researcher is listed as Daniel A. Klein at the University of Arizona. A search of the University of Arizona's faculty database yields no Daniel A. Klein. Guess it won't surprise you that there's no climatology department at U of A either.

Nor does there exist a Mandeep Gupta at the University of Arizona who is listed as a second author on the paper.

The spoof has already caught a couple of guileless “climate skeptics.” Rumor is that well-known skeptic Benny Peiser posted the paper to his discussion group, but an hour later (to his credit) sent a second message saying that it appears he was duped.

This blogger has fallen for it and this blogger figured it out.

* Among the many other research papers touted on the site, this was our favourite:

“Submarine lightning strikes in the Hadean Zone: an unacknowledged cause of fish mortality?”

Dupe update: looks like this site popped it up and then dropped it.

Here's a partial bit of their now-extinct post on google:

» A blockbuster study from the Journal of Geoclimatic Studies
Clearly this study from the latest issue of Journal of Geoclimatic Studies by four climate scientists–two from the Dept. of Climatology at the University of …

Dupe update 2: this site is blindly linking to the study.

Dupe update 3: Reason Magazine posted a story and then tore it down.

Here's a partial blurb from a Technorati search:

Are Bacteria the Cause of Global Warming? A new report in the Journal of Geoclimatic Studies by researchers from the University of Arizona and the University of Goteborg in Sweden argues that benthic bacteria are responsible for increases

Dupe update 4: This blogger fell for it hook, line and sinker.

Dupe update 5: Here's another bumbling blogger.

Update 6: Quote from the web developer found here:

We’re just the website design company,” said David Thorpe at Cyberium in Wales, listed as the administrator of the site. “I don’t know anything about the content. We were just asked to put the website up.”

Dupe update 7: This blogger blindly cut and paste the whole thing into a post.

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This is horrifying. Are you saying that “the establishment” so wants to suppress these findings that it has removed all reference to Dan and Mandeep from the U of A web site? And they were concerned enough to eliminate the Department of Climatology entirely?

The dark forces do run deep.

Since so many arguments in the GW canon are discredited and/or logical fallacies, that spoof is more credible than the claims if the GW crowd.

Y2K anyone?

Red Herring anyone? Yep, the IPCC – bunch of no-brain Nobel Prize winners. 

“Since so many arguments in the GW canon are discredited and/or logical fallacies, that spoof is more credible than the claims if the GW crowd.”

So much for your logical abilities. This was a spoof of GW denial. If you can’t tell the difference between fraudulent denial arguments and “real” denial arguments, then all denial is bogus.

No, Truth Machine, it is not DeSmogBlog who got it backwards, it was you who has got the story backwards!

You seem to have missed the point that it was the deniers, who couldn’t tell spoof from reality - what a hoot!

There aren’t any genuine denial arguments anyway, they are all faux-science and PR dressed-up to look good enough for the media, all in a cynical ploy to deceive the public.

Yes, the last part of your last sentence is correct!

“All denial is bogus”!

I’m sure that anyone with half a brain wishes that the science didn’t say what it does regarding climate change. We wish that the warming wasn’t occurring and that we could carry on with business as usual.

However, the science says what it says and the conclusion is that we’d better stop doing thing as we have been and are doing. We must do enough to combat the causes. Or things could get bad, perhaps very bad.

Those whose vested interests lie with continuing the ‘business as usual’ scenario have been funding a denial industry.
Surprisingly (for some), Mother nature doesn’t watch the TV or surf the interweb and the decision about what will happen to us is entirely hers. She cannot fooled by the lies of the deniers and if she decides to toast us, then we’re toast.

All we can do is to limit the damage she can cause by cutting our emissions of GHGs.

Google cache of one of the missing pages:

The page reads:
“A blockbuster study from the Journal of Geoclimatic Studies”

“Clearly this study from the latest issue of Journal of Geoclimatic Studies by four climate scientists–two from the Dept. of Climatology at the University of Arizona and two from the Department of Atmospheric Physics, University of Gothenburg, Sweden, should be the lead story on the eveing news tonight. But it is more than likely that it won’t even be mentioned. the paper abstract speaks for itself.”

Somebody had a lot of fun putting that site together. Have a look at the “contents” of the other issues, and the list of advisers. Too funny.

I saw this elsewhere … but you know, this has been exposed *way too fast*.

But made the call to do a story – a lot of  people just read headlines and move on - this spoof site definitely has a double-edge sword.

OK to do the story …
it’s just that I loved the Sokal affair, and it would have been lovely to see this website referred to, say by Morano.

According to this - http://adamant.typepad.com/seitz/2007/11/rush-to-judgeme.html - Rush Limbaugh fell for it and broadcast the “truth” about “benthic bacteria and global warming” to his 20 million gulls… Would be sweet to get that transcript…

His site indicates that Rush put himself in the penalty box (suspended himself from the show on Friday) as penance for falling for the hoax http://www.rushlimbaugh.com/home/daily/site_110807/home.guest.html

I like the idea of this spoof; I want the fools to be shown for who they are. I think it was done incorrectly, however. If we look at the debunking, it was done based on the identity of the authors and the group that ran the website and how long the website had been up. As pointed out, some folks never read the science part (just the summary). That would be deadly if you could not look up the authors, institute, etc, in order to debunk the study – if you had to debunk it on the merits of the science. In that way, such a choice of topic (perhaps the most ironclad, robust interpretation in atmospheric science: the rise in CO2 concentrations is anthropogenic) would have been the most devastating at showing which “skeptics” were only believing what they wanted to believe.

There is an Okinawa University. However, it indeed does not have a Climatological Dept.

Okinawa University is a small private university with two faculties: the Faculty of Law and Economics and the Faculty of Humanities.

You are still believing in false temperatures series to support climate warming. The biggest spoofs: hockey stick graphics and temperatures series from 2000.

You are a fool. You should try to improve yourself. Start here: www.realclimate.org But let me warn you: they use big words, logical arguments and NUMBERS!!

I can’t get to the original hoax site, as the DNS name http://geoclimaticstudies.info/ is not resolving, at least from here, presently.

If anyone else finds the site is still accessible, could someone please download the article and re-post it for posterity? (Preferably on a domain that doesn’t end in .info in case that’s a factor here)

I saw some excerpts from the math and was impressed with the inclusion of Cyrillic and Tibetan(?) characters in one sample 8-)


Sorry for the bother. I just Googled a bit harder and found a cached copy of the paper. I found a copy of the PDF here:


I wanted to go through it line by line just as a mental exercise. It has some great bafflegab, including one variable that stands for “vertical (neo-Falkian) benthic discontinuity” and “jy is the non-rectilineal harmonic regressivity of the constant Δ.”

Not to mention the coffeegrounds … grins!

In Kim Stanley Robinson’s trilogy “Red Mars”, Green Mars” and “Blue Mars”, Hiroko is the name of the leader of the “greens” segment of the party of 100 colonists to Mars. Mars is terraformmed into an inhabitable world. One tool they use is carbon-fixing, benthic cynobacteria.
The other side were the “reds” who wanted to keep Mars pristine. In the book anyway the reds were terrorists. meleager

Rather than dismiss the spoof as unoriginal, I give it extra credit for the sly sci-fi homage!

Revenge is sweet!
Google for Kattweizel-Gruhe Cycle www.globalwarminghoax.com/downloads/Journal_of_Geoclimatic_Studies_2007_23.pdf

The fact still remains that Global Warming (whether or not they are capitalized by governments and companies) is real. And being faced with a threat of this magnitude, we should act.

Instead of complaining or mumbling, perhaps we should all take part in cleaning up our atmosphere. Here in the Philippines, BOTH the government and individuals alike are polluting the environment. At least in the USA, your politicians are concerned. While individuals moan about the laws being enforced for the security of environment. Jeez. Grow up please.

Perhaps you might want to read about this Global Warming article (http://www.siakoi.com/business/ethics-and-responsibility/global-warming-is-it-too-late.html) before you even moan and b#$%h about the laws being enforced.

Reading this information just shows that nothing is considered off-limits to climate skeptics. New Orleans could submerge beneath the sea and there will still be skeptics.

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