Supreme Court decision: we oppose, but support emissions cuts?!

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With the Supreme Court ruling today on greenhouse gas emission regulations, readers have been asking us who were the parties opposing the ruling.

Not surprisingly, the list includes many industry third-party groups representing major auto manufacturers, heavy industry, oil and gas and electrical production. We thought it would be interesting to see where each of these organizations stood on the issues of environment and global warming. And interesting it was, for example, one of the opponents of new carbon emissions regulations is the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, yet their website states that, “members of the Alliance believe that it is prudent to reduce emissions, including carbon dioxide…”

Listed below are some of the organizations that were involved in the opposition to the EPA regulating greenhouse gas emissions vehicles. In each case we have linked to the association's “environmental” section and provided some quotes:

Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers
“Members of the Alliance believe that it is prudent to reduce emissions, including carbon dioxide…”

American Public Power Association
The TREE Power prorgam, “Trees reduce reduce carbon dioxide emissions, a common greenhouse gas in our environment.”

National Mining Association
“[The NMA] recognizes the potential for climate change is a special concern of global scope that requires significant attention.”

Edison Electric Institute
“America's electric companies are committed to protecting the environment.”

National Rural Electric Cooperative Association
“Electrical cooperatives believe that encouraging development and deployment of new, lower-emission technologies is the righ approach to address climate change.”

American Petroleum Institute
“Oil and gas companies are also working to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.”

American Forest & Paper Association
“Improving tomorrow's environment today.”

American Iron & Steel Institute
“Oppose any climate related legislation as we [the US government] have already passed the effective, alternative, voluntary, technology-driven approach to reduce energy-intensity to achieve GHG reductions.”

Chamber of Commerce of the United States of America
“Promote long-term financing, devlopment and depolyment of cost-effective, innovative energy technologies that can be utilized when and where needed to address energy, security and climate change.”

National Association of Manufacturers
“The NAM recognizes that concern about the potential impact of human activities on the earth's natural greenhouse effect has become an international issue. However, there remains considerable scientific uncertainty and disagreement regarding human impacts on climate.”

National Petrochemical & Refiners Association
“The NRPA believes that US climate change policies should require that future climate change decisions be scientifically justified, cost-effective and appropriately prioritized.”

Portland Cement Association
“The cement industry is actively engaged and committed to sustainable development…”

Steel Manufacturers Association”The SMA supports recognition in any debate on greenhouse gas emissions that efficient, low GHG emission intensity processes should be encouraged worldwide.”
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