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College Students Calling out Climate Denial Machine That’s Older Than They Are

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Youth join climate protest in New York in 2014

This is a guest post by ClimateDenierRoundup.

DeSmog published a story this week from the Climate Investigations Center that touches on an interesting angle that’s emerging in the climate world as kids lead the way.

Calling out the Origins of Climate Denial and the 'Climate Change Countermovement'

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Brown professor Timmons Roberts, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, and Climate Investigations Center's Kert Davies at Brown University.

Originally posted on the Climate Investigations Center.

In February, the Climate Investigations Center’s Kert Davies was an invited speaker at a collaborative conference held at Brown University on the economic impacts of climate change and the opposition to policy advances. The day long event, America’s Climate Change Future: Housing Markets, Stranded Assets, and Entrenched Interests, gathered experts on a range of climate change topics ranging from increased flood risk and stranded assets in fossil fuels, to the climate change countermovement and misinformation campaigns. 

Sam Kazman

Sam Kazman


  • J.D. cum laude, State University of New York at Buffalo Law School. [1]
  • Cornell University graduate. [1]


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Marlo Lewis, Jr.

Marlo Lewis, Jr.


  • Ph.D. in Government from Harvard University and a B.A. in Political Science from Claremont McKenna College. [1]


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Richard Lindzen

Richard Lindzen


  • Ph.D., Applied Mathematics, Harvard University (1964). [1]
  • S.M., Applied Mathematics, Harvard University (1961).  [1]
  • A.B. (mcl), Physics, Harvard University (1960).  [1]


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Cooler Heads Coalition

Cooler Heads Coalition (CHC)


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Meet Marlo Lewis: The Dirty Energy Industry’s Best Friend

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When polluters needs someone to write an industry-friendly article, or make an appearance in the media to argue against the science of climate change, they often turn to a man named Marlo Lewis. A senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), Marlo has been on the front lines of the energy industry’s war on science, as well as the fight against the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the battle over the Keystone XL tar sans pipeline.

What makes Marlo a valuable asset is that he actually has a great resume. He received a Ph.D. in government from Harvard – a daunting and admirable task that commands respect. He’s also served in various governmental positions, including a brief stint in the Reagan administration, bolstering his credentials among elected officials in Washington, D.C. His position at the CEI also allows him a great deal of influence over our elected officials (it also happens to pay him a $100,000 a year salary for his work.) These credentials allowed him access to Congress a few years ago, when he was permitted to give a rebuttal to Al Gore’s film “An Inconvenient Truth” to the assembly. Marlo was also allowed to tout the “dangers” of the Kyoto Protocol to Congress in 1998.

But Marlo’s resume does not qualify him as an expert on anything climate or science related. In fact, if you look just below the surface, it becomes starkly apparent that he is just another energy industry crony who is paid to deny that fossil fuel pollution causes problems.

In The Dog Days of Summer, CFACT Still Barks The Same Tune

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Collegians for a Constructive Tomorrow, or CFACT Campus, the student wing of Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow, wrapped up its student climate and energy conference, the Truth 2 Power Conference. The Cable, Wisconsin conference was a direct response to the “dangerous agenda” of PowerShift2011. Apparently, finding solutions to effectively fight climate change and ensure a clean energy future are too much for CFACT's big polluter interests and they had to fight back. 

Truth 2 Power sought to teach participants about “the lies associated with the “Global Warming” agenda” and about “innovative and realistic solutions for tomorrows environmental challenges”. 

The conference really represents a grab to ensure dirty energy industries stay entrenched.

Lawrence Solomon

Lawrence Solomon


[Pending further Investigation]


Lawrence Solomon is a columnist with The Financial Post, the National Post (Toronto) and has been a columnist for the Globe and Mail (Toronto) a contributor to the Wall Street Journal, and the editor and publisher of The Next City magazine.

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Harry N.A. Priem


Harry N.A. Priem


  • Ph.D.
  • Emeritus Professor of Planetary Geology and Isotope Geophysics, Utrecht University.

Source: [1]

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