Patrick Michaels

Patrick J. Michaels


  • S.M. Biology, University of Chicago (1975). [1]
  • Biological Sciences, University of Chicago (1971). [1]
  • Special Graduate Committee on Ecological Climatology (1979). [1]


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Leaked Memo Update: Electricity Producers Respond

Read time: 1 min

For those of you who don't necessarily get back to the comments on older posts, it's worth checking here, for some electricity industry counterpoints on our coverage of a leaked memo from the Intermountain Rural Electric Association.

It is, frankly, nice to see American Electric Power trying to distance itself from the corporate disinformation strategy laid out in the IREA memo. It's a little harder to swallow the not-for-profit motives of the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association, but by all means, check out their comments and judge for yourself

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