Talisman Energy Targets Children with "Friendly Fracosaurus" Gas Coloring Book

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Hello, my name is Talisman Terry, your friendly Fracosaurus. I am here to teach you about a clean energy source called Natural Gas.” 

In an effort to target children in the unconventional gas debate, Calgary’s Talisman Energy has released a coloring book starring the company’s new spokesman, Talisman Terry. The Fracosaurus narrates the production cycle of unconventional gas, presenting a utopian picture of the fuel source that has galvanized communities around the world concerned over threats to water and health from gas drilling.

Following Talisman Terry, children are simplistically introduced to the complex issues of unconventional drilling, pipeline construction and land reclamation. Presented in before, during and after drilling images, the gas drilling process is introduced as a gentle engagement with a natural environment. Post-drilling, a fountain-like rainbow appears in the distance and an eagle soars over an innocuous-looking wellhead.

Not surprisingly, there is no mention of hydraulic fracturing, for which the authors offer this substitute: “Because natural gas is lighter than air, it will rise up to the earth’s surface when it is set free from underground rocks.”

There is no mention either of Talisman’s poor drilling track record.

The Post-Gazette reports that the coloring books are handed out at company picnics in Pennsylvania where last year alone the Department of Environmental Protection cited Talisman for 150 drilling violations.

This is a fraction of Talisman’s abysmal drilling record overall. An additional report released by the non-profit Clean Water Action found Talisman responsible for 153 environmental violations in the Marcellus Shale in 2010, the second highest for any drilling company.

Between 2008 and 2010, Talisman was cited for 65 violations in Pennsylvania, where the company operated 121 wells, according to a report released by the Pennsylvania Land Trust Association.

Talisman is also responsible for several serious contamination incidents of public land in Pennsylvania. The Department of Environmental Protection fined the company $3,500 after a routine inspection found the company discharging toxic flowback fluids into a nearby ditch which connected to a branch of Sugar Creek.

The DEP fined Talisman an additional $15,506 for spilling used fracking fluid into an unnamed tributary that drains into the Tioga River, a cold water fishery. In a separate incident, the DEP charged the company $24,608 for a large diesel fuel spill, between 50 and 200 gallons, that contaminated farm land in the Armenia Township of Bradford County. The spill contaminated 132,000 gallons of water and 3,800 tons of soil.

After a well blowout occurred in Tioga County, spewing toxic wastewater into the surrounding public forest, the DEP cited Talisman for numerous environmental violations. The blowout, considered by some critics to be a ‘release’ rather than an accident, caused Talisman to suspend its North American unconventional gas operations for eight days.

This kind of child-directed industry PR is nothing new, as we saw with Encana’s cupcake gas well.

Hopefully these children will grow up to hold companies like Talisman to their own publicized standards, rainbows included.

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in the Indiana/Kentucky area, it was an animated “StripMine Sam” character that the coal companies had on local television stations, who explained to a personified Mother Nature character that she didn’t have to worry. Everything would be put back just like it was before!

This series of well-funded ads in the US Midwest may well have decreased public agitation against stripmining, at the time.

These days, YouTube and personal experience, and access to real information tells us differently.

I like to think we now fall for less, and that propaganda is harder to pull off. Fracosaurus? Please!

If you’re interested in scanning 40 news stories on fracking, going back to 2008, with punchlines, see http://www.apocadocs.com/cgi-bin/docdisp.cgi?tag=fracking

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On the other hand, the way enviro-kooks prefer to deal with children is to threaten them and blow their heads off: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AmBnVjy4vag

The statements you’re making have been shown to be false by a 98% agreement of scientists in the relevant fields. They agree that global heating is real, happening, human-caused and extremely dangerous. Humanity must act in the next decade or so to prevent ecological, economic and political catastrophe within the lifetimes of people alive now.

Since climate change is leading to the most horrific disaster in human history, people who knowingly deny it or who make uninformed statements while refusing to learn the truth are likely to be regarded soon as having committed crimes against humanity. Not wanting you to be burdened with that, and not wanting the rest of the world to be burdened with the consequences of their misguided actions, we encourage you to seek the whole truth now before you deepen your involvement with them.

There are many books, articles and websites to learn the truth about climate catastrophe. Some are:

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Bill McKibben and Tim Flannery on www.democracynow.org, and www.KPFA.org shows. Audio, video or transcript downloads free.

books: George Monbiot’s ‘Heat’, Joe Romm’s ‘Hell and High Water’, or Bill McKibben’s ‘The End of Nature’

To learn more about how you may have been deceived, read Chris Mooney, The Republican War on Science, James Hoggan, Climate Cover-Up or anything on the subject by Ross Gelbspan.

This is great. We can then teach the kids that fracosaurus is extinct due to radical prehistoric environmental climate change. The difference was that their climate changed through no fault of their own while we are changing ours by burning up the remains of fracosaurus .