The Big Chill: Counterintuitive Global Warming effects

Nature magazine has a chilling article in this issue tracking the enui that seems to be overtaking the Gulf Current.

It seems that as the ocean warms, it also becomes less active. Thus, the Gulf Stream might ultimately stop flowing north, while the once-icy Arctic waters will stop flowing south. This might be “Good for Canada” (see next post), as Newfoundland suffers less the effect of the Arctic backflow, but it could equally be devastating for much of Northern Europe, which depends on the warm Gulf waters to moderate its climate.


Climate Change wasn’t “environmentalism”, it was a 25 year old death threat to our children and marching orders for mindless ideologues. Real planet lovers were glad it was a criminal exaggeration of disco science and fear mongering media and thus averting an unspeakable end of the world by unstoppable warming. It was a sick and twisted mistake and history is cursing us all for this madness.

There is now serious talk of treason charges being laid against those in academia who knowingly lead us to a false war against climate variation ever since Obama chose not to mention the climate crisis in his state of the union speech and since IPCC funding was eliminated. We urge everyone to also hold these lazy copy and paste news editors accountable for this criminal fear mongering. Call the courthouse and demand justice.