The 'Carbon Belch Day' Conundrum

We have received a lot of emails asking our thoughts on the so-called “Carbon Belch Day” being pushed by a right-wing grassroots organizer named Steve Elliot and his website Grassfire.

Normally we try not to stray too far into the left vs. right side of the global warming argument, however in this case it is hard to ignore. To say Elliot is “right-wing” is an understatement - according to his bio, Elliot “has rallied citizens on a host of grassroots issues, including border security, tax reform, abortion, traditional marriage, supporting our troops, exposing media bias and defending the Pledge of Allegiance.”

It's also hard to ignore the irony in Elliot's call for people to do “[their] best to increase [their] CO2 output and unleash a Carbon Belch on the planet.” Elliot claims that people can “do this with no fear or concern that [they are] destroying the planet.”

The irony lies in the fact that whether Elliot believes the world's leading scientists at the top institutions in the world that the climate is warming due to our overuse of carbon intensive fossil fuels like coal and oil or not, he is advocating against one of the sacred cows of the right-wing idealogy: America's movement away from over reliance on foreign energy imports.

Urging Americans (the largest per-capita consumer of energy on the planet) to needlessly waste more energy ensures the continued reliance on oil imports from the Middle East. Not even the most stalwart Republican or neo-conservative will agree that this is a good thing.

An effort such as Elliot's is sure to be seen by most as an Anne Coulter style publicity-through-shock stunt, and by some as a funny way to stick it to Al Gore and those stuffy left wing liberals. But the bottom line is that Elliot's “Carbon Belch Day” flies right in the face of what most people believe regardless of their ideology.

If Elliot is aiming for far-right fringe status then Carbon Belch Day looks to be his best bet.

Besides ideological motivations, there is also the question of where Grassfire gets its money - we've sent an email to Mr. Elliot, and we'll let you know what he has to say.


This idea is so juvenile it belongs on Sesame Street. My favorite quote from Elliott: “in fact, since energy is the lifeblood of our economy, a healthy carbon belch just might do some good!”

Skeptics have already brainwashed children in that bizarre WorldNet Daily contest, and now this – hmmm…what could possibly be next?

If you want to check out a funny take on Carbon Belch Day and all the latest eco-news, check out TitanTV’s Daily Greens!

Keep up the great work Kevin!

Somehow my newspaper got on Grassfire’s e-mail list. Took multiple requests to get off. Elliot is too nutbar to even be worth monitoring.