The Competitive Enterprise Institute and all that's fit to spin

Here’s a clip from a BBC Newsnight interview with Myron Ebell, head of climate change policy at the Competitive Enterprise Institute and John Mitchell, Chief Scientists for the UK Met Office, and a lead IPCC author. The CEI has been ridiculed for months now over their production of two television spots arguing that the build-up of C02 in our atmosphere is a good thing.

Here’s some choice Myron quotes, as he tries to spin his way out of the un-spinnable:

Myron: “We tried to make two points with those ads, we first point out the huge, the enormous, almost inconceivable blessings that access to modern energy brings to humanity. And in the second ad we tried to show that the public policy debate is really skewed by a certain small group of scientists, but particularily by the media, who give very large headlines to every piece of research that comes out that supports the alarmist agenda, adn bascially ignores every piece of research that shows that climate change or global warming could have some beneficial effects, or some perfectly neutral effects.”

Newsnight: “Although you yourself are not a scientist are you?”

Myron: “Ah, no, and I should make that clear, I am not a scientist.”

For the rest of the piece, Newsnight host, Jeremy Paxman rips Myron to shreds. Put your head back in the sand Myron, you’re only making yourself and your CEI look even more ridiculous than you already are.