The Frank Luntz Mea Culpa

“My own beliefs have changed from when I was tasked with that project,” and “today I would not have that paragraph in a document about the environment.”

And with those words (and a couple more) Frank Luntz, considered by many (including DSBlog) to be one of the godfather's of the PR spin machine attacking the science of climate change, offers up his most frank admission of error to date. Here's the clip:


Notice it looks like the voices were dubbed in.

… sophist is still pretty pleased with himself for the skill he was able to muster in creating that memo. And, I have to admit, where the mangling of language is concerned, it was a work of art.

But I'm not sure that he deserves praise - or much by way of forgiveness - for having been literate and clever in the way he advised a whole generation of Americans to stand longer on the railway tracks, the ample evidence of an oncoming train notwithstanding.