The Weather Channel tackles climate change

Come on, who doesn't love the weather channel? Now there is even more reason to watch. The 24-hour weather watch-dog has announced it will be airing a new feature called “The Climate Code” with host Heidi Cullen, a Columbia PhD in climatology and ocean atmosphere dynamics, whose most recent stint was at the National Centre for Atmospheric Research.


I’m actually really excited about this however the following statements are misleading:

“We’re finally saying the weather isn’t apolitical 

This is false, but it is probably just a poorly executed statement.

, the high rate of asthma among black children can be linked to global warming, said Janet Johnson, a vice president with The Weather Channel who is overseeing development of Cullen’s show.”We can directly link that to air pollution,” 

 Global warming = CO2

Asthma is from SO2 which creates clouds/acid rain and reduces global warming.  So again this statement is misleading but probably poorly executed.   I hope they do a far better job on the show.  Dr. Cullen is kind of cute though.

She is cute… didn’t want to leave you hanging there.