"Think" tank throws down gauntlet... right on its own foot

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The National Center for Public Policy Research, a group well known to DeSmogBlog, issued a press release yesterday challenging Greenpeace to disclose all of its funding sources over $50,000.

The release states: “Today The National Center for Public Policy Research is challenging Greenpeace and its affiliates to disclose the sources and amounts of its 2006 donations exceeding $50,000. If it does so, The National Center for Public Policy Research will do the same.”

The NCPPR has its knickers in a knot after being named in a Greenpeace report last week outlining ExxonMobil's funding of 41 groups that continue to spread doubt about the realities of global warming.

A quick spin around the Greenpeace site and you'll find their annual reports dating back to 2002. Contained in those reports is full disclosure of Greenpeace donors.

I guess we will wait and see if NCPPR will live up to its end of the bargain.

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