Tim Ball the movie, only on DeSmogBlog.com

DeSmogBlog has uncovered a great video of the notorious climate change skeptic, Dr. Tim Ball – shot at a “lunch on the frontier” event hosted by the Frontier Centre for Public Policy (FCPP), a Winnipeg, Manitoba-based “think” tank.

As we have always maintained here at DeSmogBlog, we don't argue the science. But if legitimate scientific debate is at issue, Dr. Ball is similarly disinclined. This tape shows him, again, to be the kind of public relations person who will say whatever is necessary to give his oil-industry backers comfort.

Here's a few quotes to whet your appetites:

Ball on Global Cooling, or Notes from a Parallel Planet:

“And here's the problem I have with the global warming. The focus is on temperature. Okay, fine. And then the focus is only on warming. I think this is the stupidest thing we could be doing. Because the evidence is that we're cooling.”

Ball on Long-Term Forecasting; or Quips from a “Scientist” Who Can't Tell the Difference Between Weather and Climate:

“I'd like to tell the farmers to call Environment Canada and ask, 'what's it going to be like a year from now?' And they'll say we don't do long term forecasting. Phone them the next day and ask, 'what's it going to be like a hundred years from now?' And they'll say, 'warmer.' There's a disconnect here.”

Ball on the Arrogance of His Oily Organization, the Friends of Science, or Give Me Back the Gun; My Other Foot is Uninjured:

“One of the things that angers me are these groups like the Friends of Science, now think of the arrogance of the title of that. Basically what they are saying is that if you're not in our group, you're not a friend of science, or Friend of the Earth I should say, sorry the Friends of the Earth.”

Watch the whole manipulative show and, by all means, let us know what your favourites are.


The link you give is to the home page for FCPP; they have a lot of content to wade through. I used search on their site to locate their page covering Tim Ball’s 2004speech: http://www.fcpp.org/main/media_file_wm.php?StreamID=161 The page calls up a streaming video (if your browser allows it) that is linked off their site. Here is the link to the WMV, which I was able to launch and view the video: http://raven.lexicom.ab.ca/video2/fcpp/auto/GlobalCoolingTimBallNov0504D...

I hope that was canned laughter on the sound track. Surely there cannot be that number of misinformed people in Winnipeg.

 Ian Forrester 

The laughter was the realists laughing at the fearmongers who are continually trying to find something to grasp on to. Maybe the fearmongers (Gore, Suzuki etc.) should try to walk the walk. I wonder how much greenhouse gas Suzuki produces in a year flogging his misguided message.

Once again we are engaged in an asinine argument of naval gazing per portions – cooling, warming or staying the same. It really doesn’t matter the facts are that we have a finite resource that has been pumped out of the earth for about 100 years. Finite is the important word here thus we only have a certain amount of oil or gas in the ground. It behooves us as a society to make changes to reduce, reuse, and recycle our finite energy resources. If the detractors of global warming can now prove that we have massive amounts of oil reserves and that we will never run short on this infinite resource. That is the only way their argument would make sense. If they stated that they didn’t agree with global warming and proposed a different model along with the notion that the outcomes of the global warming will happen anyways and that we must start preparing for this now. That I could respect but the current position is to deny, offer little to no look at what the effects of their models will be and how we can live in this new era of global warming/cooling. Still waiting for those that have the ear of the media and politicians to assay the conditions of the environment in the next 50 years and press forward with reducing our dependence on finite natural resources.