Tim Ball's Statement of Claim - A Public Document

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Is attached for your interest.

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There appears to be a three month time limit on defamation suits against newspapers in Alberta.  Tim Ball   may have filed too late.


Richard, was there timely service on the newspaper as that may be a different case than for Johnson, or was there an earlier service of notice?

… i.e. the pro forma threatening letter, was sent to both parties - in response to which the Herald wrote the clarification crediting Ball with 50+ “publications.”

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Tim Ball’s attempt to muzzle Dan Johnson through his law suit is truly appalling. After reading Mr. Ball’s op-ed piece, it is anything but academic and scholarly. Rather, he mudslings aways against scientists like Dr. David Suzuki. Then, when Dan Johnson writes a polite letter correcting the inacurracies in the piece, he gets sued. Doest doth protesteth too much, methinks. What’s scary is that burying a critic with expensive litigation is a tried and true technique for stifling freedom of speech. What’s heartening is that somebody must feel desperrate for the oil industry to take this rather extreme step.And I wonder who is footing the legal bills which will soon be paid to Fraser Milner Casgraine for this exercise?

Dear Richard

thanks for adding the link, which clarifies what the action is about. It seems there is the basis for a proceeding there, and Prof Johnson will no doubt be getting advice from his lawyers about whether he has to contemplate the possibility of a serious financial loss.

I am assuming that you are in canada, and let me just say how brave of you it is to leave up your post entitled, “Tim Ball: Wilful Disregard for the Truth”.



Welcome Per; hope the ride over from Tim Lambert’s Deltoid blog wasn’t too bumpy.
Also, nice of you to compliment us on courage. You inspired me to go back and reread that post more carefully, and I am embarrassed to find three (3!) typos (which I declined to fix so that other readers can be assure that they are seeing unvarnish and - woefully - unedited work). But other than a “continue” that should have been “continuing to,” a “his” that should have been a “he” and a misplaced bracket, I couldn’t see anything else wrong.
Perhaps I’m missing something. Or perhaps you are ….

I had a quick read over the statement of claim and the attachments.  Ball takes issue with the term “entry-level PhD” item #11(b).

But I wonder if it could be interpreted differently?  Is the author really saying that an entry-level (or minimum) requirement to become an assistant professor is a PhD?

Here’s his full sentence:

“He did not even have an entry-level PhD until 1983, which would have allowed even assistant professor status.”