TIME Names DeSmogBlog In Top 25 Best Blogs of 2011

DeSmogBlog is honored to be recognized by TIME magazine in the Top 25 list of The Best Blogs of 2011.

TIME reporter Bryan Walsh calls DeSmogBlog a “necessary corrective” and “the antidote” to the corporate smoke screen surrounding news coverage of climate change and energy issues. 

Here is the full blurb about DeSmogBlog from Bryan Walsh at TIME:

A corporate smoke screen surrounds much of the coverage of climate-change and energy issues. Fossil-fuel companies have spent millions funding anti-global-warming think tanks, purposely creating a climate of doubt around the science. DeSmogBlog is the antidote to that obfuscation. Started in 2006 by James [Hoggan], a Canadian p.r. guru, DeSmogBlog dissects the half truths and outright lies around climate change, acting as an aggregator for smart research and opinion on green issues. If it sometimes goes too far — as with its jihad against gas fracking — DeSmogBlog is nevertheless a necessary corrective.

DeSmogBlog is celebrating its 5th anniversary of clearing the PR pollution that clouds climate science, and this nod by TIME is a nice honor for all the hard work of our contributors over the years, especially our current line-up of writers and researchers whose investigations earned the award on this year’s Top 25.

Of course, this is also an honor bestowed upon our amazing readers, whose tips, support and words of encouragement allow DeSmogBlog to keep leading in the battle against industry misinformation and confusion campaigns.

Head over to TIME.com to see the full list of The Best Blogs of 2011.


I can only laugh at the corporate shills at Time calling out a “Jihad” against gas fracking. Sorry if some of us like the idea of protecting the integrity of our ground water and landscapes. Keep up the good work guys!

was my immediate reaction when I read, ‘If it sometimes goes too far — as with its jihad against gas fracking…’.

Since when is jihad the correct term to use to describe a campaign for truth and responsibility?

Journo’s just have to be journo’s I guess and mangle language at every opportunity.

Congrat’s DMB - well deserved and I hope that some of the deniers around here and eslewhere take notice.

‘Since when is a “campaign for truth and responsibility” (LOL!) use disinformation, deceit, and smear tactics?’

Ah! Another who mangles the language to make juvenile comments. Too much time feeding on Morano offal perhaps.