Stand Together

Stand Together


Read time: 13 mins

Talent Market

Talent Market


Read time: 12 mins

Institute for Free Speech

Institute for Free Speech


The Institute for Free Speech (IFS), founded under the name Center for Competitive Politics, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit describing itself as “the nation’s largest organization dedicated solely to protecting First Amendment political speech rights.” [1], [2]

Read time: 18 mins

In Pursuit Of

In Pursuit Of


In Pursuit Of describes itself as a “full-service communications and marketing agency” with the mission to “advance policy, political and cultural changes.” [1]

Read time: 9 mins

Generation Opportunity

Generation Opportunity


Read time: 10 mins

CRC Public Relations

CRC Public Relations (Creative Response Concepts)


Creative Response Concepts is a Virginia-based public relations firm, known for working with numerous high-profile right-wing clients, as well as fossil fuel companies such as oil major Chevron.

Read time: 11 mins

Council for a Competitive Economy

Council for a Competitive Economy


The Council for a Competitive Economy (CCE) was a group founded by Charles Koch in May 1979 and made up of approximately 2,000 business leaders who pledged to lobby Congress to end corporate subsidies. [1], [2]

Read time: 15 mins

Concerned Veterans for America

Concerned Veterans for America (CVA)


Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) is an Arlington, Virginia, non-profit that bills itself as a veterans' rights group. According to its website, Concerned Veterans for America's mission is “to preserve the freedom & prosperity we & our families fought & sacrificed to defend.” [1]

Read time: 23 mins

American Encore

American Encore (formerly Center to Protect Patient Rights)


American Encore is a non-profit founded and managed by GOP strategist and Koch ally Sean Noble. According to its website, American Encore aims to “defend freedom, promote free markets, work to expand economic opportunity and make the case for the American ideals of liberty and democracy, both at home and abroad.” [1]

Read time: 13 mins

American Commitment

American Commitment


According to its website, American Commitment describes itself as “dedicated to restoring and protecting the American Commitment to free markets, economic growth, Constitutionally-limited government, property rights, and individual freedom.” [1]

Read time: 17 mins


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