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Shanker Singham

Shanker Singham


  • J.D., University of Miami, (1996). [1]
  • Law Society Finals, Guildford College of Law, (1992). [1]
  • C.P.E. Guildford College of Law (1992). [1]
  • M.A., Balliol College, University of Oxford (1990). [1]


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From Donald Trump to Theresa May: How a US-UK Network Pushes Climate Science Denial and Lobbies for a Hard Brexit — Mapped

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Network map of US-UK climate science deniers

Donald Trump has finally come to the UK, 20 months after he won the election to make him the 45th President of the United States.

During that time, a trans-Atlantic network of business people, think tank analysts, and lobbyists have grown in influence — pushing a free market ideology and spreading climate science denial on both sides of the Atlantic.

DeSmog UK first mapped the network when Trump was sworn into office in January 2017. Things have moved on a bit since then.

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