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Fossil Fuel Industry and Koch Network Fighting Pennsylvania's Move to Join Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative

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coal barge in Pittsburgh

As Pennsylvania took a significant step this week towards joining a regional climate initiative to curb carbon pollution from power plants, newly revealed email records show how fossil fuel interests campaigned to oppose this initiative in a state that has the fifth most polluting electric power sector in the nation.

Koch Academic Influence Returns to Massachusetts With New Tufts University Think Tank

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When a new Massachusetts think tank housed at Tufts University launched earlier this year, Boston-based media described it as a CBO-like center” (referring to the Congressional Budget Office) that would offer an “independent analysis” of proposed state policy and legislation.

But one of the main funders of this think tank, called the Center for State Policy Analysis, is a program tied financially to the petrochemical billionaire Koch family. This apparent Koch-linked funding raises questions about just how independent the center’s policy analyses may be.

Groups Funded by Oil Industry Bash Plan to Reduce Northeast's Dependence on Oil

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Last month New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu announced the state would not be participating in the Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI), a regional cap-and-trade program aimed at reducing carbon emissions from vehicles. The program is still in early stages of development, but groups tied to petroleum interests and conservative networks funded by the Koch empire are already fighting it with opposition campaigns.

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