Tories' Economics are Short-term, Self-Destructive

Canada's bloody-minded determination to ignore climate change - reaffirmed yesterday in the Conservative's intentionally frightening accounting of the potential costs of the Kyoto accord - will leave Canadians standing against a rising tide with no plan and no boat.

There is no question that the world will soon turn to clean energy. No matter what petroleum industry people want - no matter what they say - the change is coming faster than they think and a lot faster than they want. Whoever provides the key to that clean energy will be the new Saudi Arabia - the new Alberta.

So, if the topic is really economics, we're not talking about recession, we're talking about falling behind forever.

If you want to secure your children's future, that future belongs to clean energy.


Boy–were you prescient. One can become hopeless in the face of those Tories, sometimes, I agree; thank you for your blog on this = restores my faith that we’re not allllll right-wingers in Calgary. :-)

Thanks for the read. Bert.