Turning up the volume on Klaus Martin-Shulte and the Science and Public Policy Institute

It's been a week since I sent the following email to Mr. Klaus Martin-Shulte regarding his connection to the oil-industry friendly lobbyist, Rob Ferguson:

Dear Mr. Martin Shulte… I am wondering if you could clear up the following questions that I have outstanding:

1. How did Lord Monckton receive a copy of your work so far in advance of it being published?
2. Are you employed by the Science and Policy Institute, or have you received any financial compensation from the Science and Policy Institute?
3. If there is no financial relationship between you and the Science and Policy Institute, how is it that they are privy to such things as your report in advance of its publication and your follow-up “open letters” to Dr. Oreskes?

I sent similar questions to Rob Ferguson. I'm going to keep sending them the questions and keep blogging about their unresponsiveness until I get some substantial answers.

They're the ones who put themselves out there in the first place, and their unresponsiveness to my simple questions speaks volumes. And the volume is only going to get louder the longer they continue to ignore me.


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