U of Calgary: No Disciplinary Measures "At This Time"

Updating the story about the University of Calgary's damning audit of its relationship with the Friends of Science, U of C general counsel Charlene Anderson told the Calgary Herald yesterday that no disciplinary action is planned “at this time,” but “that might change at any time so the university is looking into that.”

Federal Environment Minister John Baird also chose to be insulting rather than communicative when asked about his own involvement in this story. Responding to a question, Baird said: “The member for Ottawa Centre (David McGuinty) puts on his tinfoil hat and develops these great theories.”

We'll look forward to the next chapter - and maybe a straight answer - down the road.


Was Baird involved somehow? I haven’t seen any indications of that, but who knows, maybe he’s taking lessons from the “Calgary School” or something.

Purest speculation, as far as I know.

I think the implication is that Minister Baird was the big dog in the Tories’ Ontario campaign and that any of this kind of strategic skulduggery would have needed his approval, especially as Morten Paulsen actively engaged with the party, working on the election.

I don’t know that anyone has found evidence that is particularly incriminating, but it seems fair to ask:

Did Baird know this was going on?

Did any Conservative election strategist help the FOS choose the markets in which they concentrated their ad campaign?

I’ve just found Mike de Souza’s blog; he’s a Canwest reporter. Scroll down about 3/4 of the way to “Vulnerable Ridings” dated Feb 29, 2008 and he talks about a conversation with Mike Byfield:

…In any event, this time, we spoke about his story from June of 2006 and he answered my questions about what the Friends of Science representatives were telling him back then.

Byfield said he didn’t make up the lines about the Friends of Science targeting 200,000 people with radio ads in “vulnerable ridings” in Ontario where the Liberals had a slight lead. He also said that he was not speculating when he wrote that the Conservatives won several of the targeted ridings.

“What I’m saying specifically is this: (Friends of Science vice-president Eric) Loughead confirmed those figures and that’s kind of it.” …

And see also the preceding post “No comment” which talks about Morten Paulsen; and de Souza has some links.


So if you folks haven’t been reading his blog, you probably should be.

And de Souza’s article in the Windsor Star today about Baird’s reaction:


It’s not the same as the Calgary Herald one you link to.

So the search warrant for the raid by Elections Canada on Conservative Party HQ is being released, apparently something like 700 pages, though the Conservatives tried to just hand out 70 pages to a few select reporters in secret today.

Kady O’Malley blogged the uninvited reporter’s view:


Paul Wells also wrote about it, with links:


The warrant talks about false statements about spending on ads. I wonder if there is anything about Friends of Science in it?

Link to David Akin, Ottawa Citizen article: http://tinyurl.com/3ebocw