U.S. Chamber Front Group Holds “Whine And Blame” Facebook Party – Nobody Shows Up

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American Free Enterprise, a front group of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, held a complaint session on Facebook on Tuesday afternoon to let Americans vent about “who is to blame” for rising gas prices. Unfortunately for the group, few people attended their virtual party.

The pity party was an attempt to get Americans riled up at President Obama for allegedly being an enemy of the oil industry – a claim that conservatives have falsely been throwing around since he took office. But the lack of enthusiasm was evident by the low participation.

Here is the comment thread from the “discussion,” which I captured yesterday. Names and pictures have been covered:



For an organization that has over 200,000 “likes” on Facebook, the fact that they were only able to garner 42 likes on this post, along with a mere 11 comments (including 2 repeat commenters) speaks volumes. Half of the comments were not anti-Obama.

As you can see from the screenshots above, some of the commenters were clearly in the Chamber’s court when it comes to blaming the administration, including the wild accusation that President Obama is an illegal immigrant, some faith in humanity has been restored with the comments pointing out that the Chamber is filled with misinformation and that the President has no control over gas prices.

Recently, I pointed out how the price of oil is set by the market. Market manipulations such as oil speculation and price gouging can cause the price to increase, but President Obama has been overly friendly to the oil industry, allowing them to drill almost everywhere they’ve wanted to.

An enemy of the oil industry he is not, but that hardly has any effect on the prices we’re paying at the pump.

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Facebook “Likes”

American Free Enterprise




AFE = 211,000 astro turf accounts

Desmog = 2,687 real people. With independent minds.

AFE/Heartland/Cato memo: Guys, next time we organise an astro turf event. Let’s not forget the astro turf comments next time eh? Remember, real people know we are charlatans. Only an idiot is going to openly support us.

I suspect the reason there are so few supportive comments and likes is that people have to actually use their real names. It is so much easier to make a self-interested, nonsensical comment when you are an anonymous idiot. When your smiling face and name are next to obvious bullshit it is a lot less comfortable.

DeSmog Blog headed back to obscurity


“The blog that created the Fakegate story, only to have it blow up in their faces when skeptics fingered Peter Gleick as the culprit, forcing him to admit that he’d been the one to steal the documents from Heartland, has had its 15 minutes of fame, and is now headed back into Internet obscurity.”

Watts gets it right on this one. Talk about a rude awakening, haha!

The blog that created the Fakegate story, only to have it blow up in their faces when skeptics fingered Peter Gleick as the culprit, forcing him to admit that he’d been the one to steal the documents from Heartland

Wow, Anthony never picked up that own goal & even his confirmation bias loving audience didn’t tweak & give him a gentle nudge?

Were they faked or stolen? As dumb as they come. It appears Watts is still in damage control, otherwise they would stop giving the story air.

Watts, lets keep talking about this for years to come. We are with you all the way. Your friends seem to be keen on lending a hand with the shovel to dig that hole deeper.


DeSmog Blog headed back to obscurity


Thanks for pointing this out Hank. You have performed a great service. Those graphs that Watts displays with great pride are so ill thought out, it beggers belief.

Let’s use his same logic elsewhere.



OMFG, WUWT has flatlined! They are going to disappear tomorrow!



LMFAO, WUWT has been buried. For sale signs have been put up.

Please inform him, he no longer exists.