UN Deep-Sixes Algae Seeding Scam

Nearly 200 countries agreed on Friday to a moratorium on projects to fight climate change by adding nutrients to the seas to spur growth of carbon-absorbing algae. Opponents argue the little-tested process has unknown risks which could threaten marine life, for instance by making the oceans more acidic.


The danger of willy-nilly fertilization of the ocean is that it will promote the growth of both “good alga” and “bad alga” such as species that cause red tides.

There is a simple solution to this problem: Innoculate the ocean with mixed cultures of actively-growing “good alga”. Here is how this process is carried out.

A supertanker is filled with a concentrated solution of nutrients and of a solution culture of “good alga” i.e., the “seeds”. These are grown on-shore using standard equipment and procedures used for growing micro-organisms. The supertanker will also contain sodium silicate (aka water glass) which is required for the growth of diatoms. Open ocean usually low in silicates which come from the land via rivers.

Suppose ths supertanker is sailing east to west. When the sun comes up, the nutrients and seed are dispensed into the ocean. We can monitor the growth of the alga using satellites because we don’t want to over fertilize because at night the alga respire and could use up all the availble oxygen and then everbody dies. At certain time before sunset, the discharge of the nutrients and alga is shut off.

Ideally we arranged this so that the current carries this food supply into fish-bearing waters. We could also follow the “seed” tanker with a ship dispensing “good zooplankton” and finally with a tanker dispensing baby fish of desirable food fish.

This process is no differnt than a farmer bringing seed, fertilizer,and irrigation water to a plot of land, such as was done in the Central Valley of California and elsewhere.

The problem with this plan is that no private company would ever do this. The UN FAO, however, could contract this work to private firms. Unfortunately, the up-front required capitilization would be huge. Other problems are jurisdiction squabbles by countries wanting to harvest the fish.

If this plan can be made to work, the ocean could an immense new and reliable food resource. These is no reason why this can’t done. After all if we can make
“desert bloom”, then why not “desert ocean”?

ATTN: Jim et al.

Why don’t you guys get on this? Team up with the Suzuki guys. You got the PR muscle and Suzuki has got the biological muscle and clout. More importantly, the plan comes out Canada, where fishing is really important.

It would also give all those high-priced white-coated welfare queens in university something useful and practical to do for the first time in the academic careers!

We could tap the drug companies for the bio engineers to set up and run the on-shore “seed plants”.

The biggest hurdle for this plan is finding a project leader who could run this immense project and make it work. Why not Bossman Rex, because he has has all the supertankers and the engineers and lots of cash! And the Rockies, the silk-stocking enviros, the limousine liberals, and the card-carrying members of the ELE in NYC would really go for this! We could use these guys to twist the arms of the high UN officials at fancy cocktail parties, the ballet, and opera!

Me? Later. WSOP satellite qualifers are running fill blast on all of the r-e-k-o-p sites.

When you consider that countries are still debating whether to carbon trade or not? That only relates to future carbon and emissions. The climate changes are happening more rapidly now due too past emissions. Nobody is addressing the current problem to claw back ground.

There isn’t enough dirt on the surface of this planet to grow enough plants to convert our past emissions.

We started to notice changes taking place over 20 years ago.

The oceans is where we can claw back ground in a quick and effective way.

Algae is going to be our future in carbon convertion.

Algal Seeding also helps with another major global issue Fish Stocks.

I’m serious, if there is people out there willing to get into this as a venture, please contact me if you want some help.