Understanding the UK Climate Denial Industry

DeSmog UK’s Climate Disinformation Database, launched in December 2017, is an extensive research resource on individual and organizational climate science deniers involved in Britain’s global warming denial industry. It is a quick and easy tool for the public, policymakers, researchers, and journalists to check who they’re dealing with on climate science and policy.

Behind each climate policy failure is a network of politicians, corporate lobbyists, and shadowy think tanks pushing to preserve the fossil-fuelled status quo. DeSmog UK’s database casts light on the activities of those pushing disinformation to dampen commitment to action on climate change or promote fossil fuels.

This series showcases how many of the actors in our database are connected to one another through funding, business relationships, personal connections, and ideological origins. 

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Photo: Tony Webster via Flickr | CC2.0

In this series

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