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DeSmogBlog Gears Up for Skeptics Conference

As you may have heard, the DeSmogBlog is sending a team to the Skeptics Magazine climate change conference coming up this weekend. It's in Pasadena from June 2-4, 2006, and it's called The Environmental Wars. We'll be blogging and podcasting and generally keeping our readers up to speed on the action!

There's been a fair amount of discussion about what the conference will entail. Michael Shermer is the host, and if you follow the world of climate change skeptics you have likely heard that he recently “changed teams.” See his piece in Scientific American for the scoop.

There are also a couple of well-known climate change skeptics on the roster – Michael Crichton and John Stossel. So we're expecting things to be lively. Watch this space for the story as it unfolds!

It was Hot Back Then Too (A Reprise)

People keep sending us this link, which leads us to believe that there must be lots of others out there who still haven't seen it. So:

For a little comic relief, check out this very funny video – Will Ferrell doing George Bush - over at StopGlobalWarming.

Remember, it was hot back in Adam and Eve's day too. Nothing to worry about!

A Desperate Attempt to Counter the Inconvenient Truth

Check out another great piece of PR pollution uncovered by the folks over at Think Progress.

This one includes a video clip of Sterling Burnett, a senior fellow at the National Center for Policy Analysis, which has received over $390,000 from ExxonMobil since 1998. He's talking about An Inconvenient Truth and trying to persuade people that going to see it is akin to watching a piece of Nazi propaganda to learn about Nazi Germany.

Blogosphere, Unite!

There's a great and extremely revelant piece over at WorldChanging this week about the need for a concerted plan to deal with the skeptics hard at work confusing the public in online dicussions about climate change.

Alex Steffan writes:

…it is precisely because the climate crisis is so profound that we need to encourage the American debate on the subject to move on, finally and for good, and start to focusing on how to build a bright green future as quickly as possible. The science, after all, is pretty unequivocal at this point.

Thank You For Smoking, National Post

–A guest article by Andrew Frank–

Thank You For Smoking is a hot new comedy about the lives of professional lobbyists in the tobacco, alcohol and firearms industries. Recently released across North America, you can see the film in your local movie theater—or alternatively, played out in the pages of the National Post, where the real life parallels are stranger than fiction.

It's All About Al Gore

Al Gore and climate change are about to be all over the media, as An Inconvenient Truth sets to launch in key locales on May 24.

Grist Magazine featured a great interview with the man himself today – DeSmogBlog readers might be interested in hearing what he had to say.

For me, the most interesting comment was with regards to the challenges of walking the “scare the people or give them hope” line. This is an issue that everyone concerned with climate change and how to wake up the general public needs to address.

From the Mouths of Babes

Here's a piece found recently that DeSmogBlog readers might be interested in.

It's from a primarily politically focused blog, also based here in British Columbia, and it's a scathing critique of Americans for Balanced Energy Choices and their use of children in their PR, spouting off misleading facts about the coal industry. The author did some digging and
It turns out that “Americans for Balanced Energy Choices” (ABEC) who pays for these ads and runs the website in question is nothing but an astroturf front group for the coal industry trade organization Center for Energy and Economic Development (CEED).