Watergate Redux: Another Paranoid Right-wing Break-in

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Great Richard Grave piece on Huffington Post points out the parallel’s between the curret “gate” - Climategate - and the original paranoid right wing break-in that gate rise to the unimaginative, but in this case appropriate suffix.

As Graves points out, Watergate showed the worst side of a paranoid right-wing group clinging desperately to power. They committed a quite famous break-in, got nothing useful for their troubles and then crashed historically trying to cover their tracks.

This “gate” began the same way. We can only hope it ends with similar calamity for the perpetrators.

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Nobody will ever top the Left for conspiratorial-minded thinking. After all, most lefties in the US and Canada still think GWB was behind the 9-11 attacks.

The e-mails reveal petty, and possibly criminal behaviour. Trying to shift the topic to the mindset of the political right won’t and isn’t working on the incriminating e-mails.

And do we know any more about how they came to be released? Were they hacked or is there a whistleblower inside the CRU?

Your comments about 9/11 and criminal behaviour are good examples of the paranoia that Richard mentions.

There’s a big difference between the loons on the left and the loons on the right.

The loons of the left occupy the outer fringes of the Democratic party.

The loons on the right *are* the Republican party.

The loons on the left are pretty much confined to the comments sections of whatever blogs/web-sites they happen to be visiting.

The loons on the right can be heard from dawn to dusk on the most popular radio and cable tv stations.

The loons on the left have no more than a tiny number of “back-bencher” congresscritters sympathetic to their causes.

The loons of the right have the entire leadership of the Republican party down on its collective knees in front of them.

I don’t know about that, the biggest leftwing Loon of all Al gore seems to be calling most of the shots right now. Almost the entire press seems to be subject to the whims of these left wing loons.

The majority of Democrats still believe GWB was behind 9-11. You don’t get loonier then that.

I don’t know, thinking there’s a giant global super conspiracy to control the world through climatology is pretty far out there.

Who started the IPCC? Go ahead and check. I’ll wait…..

No? Ok, it was Maurice Strong. He is on record stating that demoracies have to be dismattled and a one world communist government put in power to even the playing field for all countries. That’s code for making everyone in the Western world poor. As poor as an Ethiopian.

So what we have is like minded people, like many here, who agree with that premise working to the same goal. We’ve seen it before many times in history. The most recent was 1930’s Germany. No conspiricy just like minded people working to the same goal, and squashing anyone who gets in their way. Kinda what we are seeing with AGW, except the guns have not come out (yet) to enforce the will.

Well, I believe going to war in Iraq over the yet-to-be-found weapons of mass destruction is going to be difficult to top. Most Americans believe Sadam Hussein was behind the 9/11 attack. Wrong again but it was a good excuse to go to war.

Now greenies think the e-mail hack was a “highly sophisticated, politically motivated operation” by the Russian secret service. LOL.

No need for evidence, just make things up.