What if General Motors built the Smart Car?

What if the makers of the gas-guzzling Hummer had gotten ahold of the Smart Fortwo car?

My guess is that it would probably look something like this:


“What if the makers of the gas-guzzling Hummer had gotten a hold of the Smart Fortwo car?”

What if the makers of the Shriner Parade golf cart, Smart car (Daimler Chrysler), had gotten hold of a GMC Hummer?


Oh, wait, that’s not just a one-off built by some guy in his garage as a joke – they actually sell and manufacture that. In fact, I see more of these on the road around here than Hummer H2s.

Or perhaps you’d prefer a Unimog – by the same company that makes the ridiculous Smart car?


But if you really have your heart set on a Smart car, why not look into a Pontiac Wave. For the same money as a pointless Smart car, you get a vehicle with 33 more horsepower, a half-decent stereo, and air conditioning. That’s a car you could actually take on the highway. And did I mention it seats 5, which is 3 more than a Smart car? Plus your Pontiac dealer won’t gouge you an extra $500 if you want a different colour.

By the way – your picture of the lifted Smart car is built on a Unimog chassis. Oh, the irony.

Good Pic, bonus though the Hummer isn’t likely long for this world. With GM trying to sell off the hummer line the vehicle will become even more marginal than it already is. High gas prices over an extended period will likely do it in for good. Now if only all the pickup trucks could have tighter regulations on their fuel use ratios. Really the hummer is only a fringe vehicle on the road, its the bulk sale vehicles that need better fuel use standards, like climate change deniers the hummer is soon to be a dinosaur….

The world’s largest automaker, General Motors, is facing financial troubles. This financial problem is actually a sign of larger problems to come facing their Asian rivals. They and Chrysler asked for cash advance loans from the Government back in November, along with a request for open lines of credit from Ford. GM Stock has recently taken a huge tumble on the market, after President Obama asked CEO Rick Wagoner to step down from his post as the head of GM and all subsidiaries, which he promptly complied with. Some experts have advocated that both GM and Chrysler declare bankruptcy and merge, with both discarding all brands that aren’t competitive. Regardless, it appears dark days are still ahead for General Motors.