Why Won't Monckton Join the Scientific "Debate"?

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Lord Christopher Monckton, Third Viscount Monckton of Brenchley is again sharing his pearls of wisdom on climate change. His latest offering is an “original paper” produced for the non-peer reviewed, and mysteriously funded front group called the “Science and Public Policy Institute”.

A real scientist named Dr. Andrew Glikson at the Australian National University took the time to rebut Monckton’s arguments, which is available here.

I would point out that “Lord” Monckton is not and never has been a member of the British House of Lords, having received zero votes in his latest bid to be included in that body. Nor is he a scientist, instead receiving an undergraduate degree in classics and a diploma in journalism studies.

However, he does have quite a bit to say on the subject of climate science, referring variously to researchers in the field as “liars”, “frauds” and “bed-wetters”.

It is strange that someone that spends so much time hectoring scientists never seems to attend scientific conferences, or have his material published in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

It is like someone bragging that they are a better golfer than Tiger Woods without ever entering a tournament.

If Mr. Monckton has such important things to say to the climate researchers of the world, why doesn’t he step off the cloistered speaking circuit and stride into the scientific lion’s den?

After all, science is considerably closer to a blood sport than a cocktail party. People are expected to defend their hypothesis, data and conclusions before the harsh scrutiny of their peers.

I took the liberty of assembling a short list of scientific conferences that Monckton might consider attending this year to demonstrate his superior command of a variety of fields related to climate science:

The Fourth Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR) Open Science Conference (OSC) in Buenos Ares is currently calling for session proposals.

Monckton has disparaged theBritish Antarctic Survey’s implausible finding as to the imagined – and probably imaginary – loss of ice from the West Antarctic ice sheet.” It’s time these know-nothings were given a stern dressing down in front of their peers. Mr. Monckton, you can register for this conference here.

Or how about Norway? The International Polar Year Science Conference is being held in Oslo June 8 – 12, 2010. Monckton has regularly berated the world’s scientists for their shoddy work regarding ice extent and decline. This gathering of ill informed and dishonest researchers seems an excellent opportunity for Monckton to set the record straight. Abstracts can be can be submitted here. Applications to attend can be made here.

How about submitting his most recent paper for publication in a peer-reviewed publication? While even the most prestigious scientific journals are no doubt populated by comparative dullards, a man of Monckton’s obvious abilities seems to have a moral obligation to demonstrate his superior command of the disparate fields of atmospheric physics, glaciology and dendrochronology.

His latest paper can be submitted to Nature here, and to Science here.

Lord Monckton, the scientific community is waiting.

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You got it so far Mitch: “It is like someone bragging that they are a better golfer than Tiger Woods without ever entering a tournament.”

I think Monckton believes the UK Daily Mail is a peer-reviewed publication.

If Monckton is as kooky as he appears, then he gives the AGW side an easy target - a cartoon character that no one could take seriously.

Therefore, Monckton would seem to be a net plus for the AGW cause.

Hey - maybe he’s a plant! Why else would he continually get press?

We have this lunatic here in Australia at the moment, touring round lecturing idiots on his AGW denial propaganda. Can’t Hardian’s wall be re-built and heightened so he can be confined to Scotland, (apologies to the good Scots folk - he could wander through the glens and lecture to the pheasants and grouse.

He’ll never front any intelligent group let alone scientists, like Ian Plimer he can’t countenance his lies being exposed.

Because shut up, that’s why!

Seriously, Monckton can’t go near any real scientists. In the time before Climatehack they demolished his pseudoscience. These days some might be tempted to give him a wedgie and he’s sure cruising for a well-placed cream pie.