Wolfowitz Censored Bank References to Warming

The Bush administration has consistently thwarted efforts by the World Bank to include global warming in its calculations, according to documents made public through a watchdog. On one occasion, the White House's pointman at the bank, the now disgraced Paul Wolfowitz, personally intervened to remove the words “climate change” from the title of a bank progress report and ordered changes to the text of the report to shift the focus away from global warming.


This story is simply incredible. If it really is true, then this must surely be a historic low for this disgraceful crew. I am rarely surprised anymore by new revelations of shitty behaviour from these idiots, but this one was a real jaw-dropper.

I wonder at what point all this grotesque, conspiratorial manipulation becomes actually criminal?

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It’s always a pleasure to see contributions by Mr. Gelbspan.

I realize it may be awkward in some regards, but I think it is important to contextualize this commentary by pointing out that there was extensive criticism and protest of the previous World Bank president James Wolfensohn in regards to global warming as reflected by the below excerpt from a press release found at www.commondreams.org/news2001/1029-09.htm . It would be interesting for someone to review the tenure of both in regards to global warming.

In response to SEEN research, which catalyzed parliamentary hearings in Europe on World Bank fossil fuel investments, World Bank President James Wolfensohn pledged at the Earth Summit+5 in New York in 1997 to calculate greenhouse gas emissions for World Bank energy projects, and “where there is cause for concern, explore more climate-friendly options.” However, that pledge has proven hollow, as World Bank fossil fuel lending has remained constant at over $2 billion per year.

Growing worldwide criticism of the World Bank’s fossil fuel investments has prompted the Bank to undertake a major, year-long review of its oil, gas, and mining projects, to be launched October 29 in Brussels (see www.eireview.org).

“The World Bank’s proposed review of its extractive industries should begin with a recognition that there is a body of evidence that suggests fossil fuel lending is bad for development, the environment, and human rights” said Steve Kretzmann, SEEN Campaign Coordinator. “The Bank must face the fact that lending for fossil fuels runs directly counter to its stated goals of poverty alleviation and sustainable development,” Kretzmann added.

Vital Statistics from the SEEN global database
(current through Sept. 30, 2001)

* Fossil fuel financing, World Bank Group, since 1992: $20.8 billion
* Estimated lifetime carbon dioxide emissions from these projects: 40.6 billion tons
* Worldwide carbon dioxide emissions from consumption/flaring of fossil fuels, 1999: 22.3 billion tons
* Renewable energy/energy efficiency financing, World Bank Group, since 1992: $900 million
* Number of World Bank Group renewable energy/energy efficiency projects, since 1992: 30
* Number of World Bank Group fossil fuel projects, since 1992: 212
* Top three recipient countries of World Bank fossil fuel aid since 1992: India ($3.196 billion), China ($2.914 billion), Russia ($2.890 billion)
* Total megawatts, fossil fuel power plant generation capacity financed by World Bank since 1992: 39,423MW
* Total megawatts, existing solar power plant generation capacity worldwide, 2000: 300MW


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